Lost In Thought

I was traveling home this evening by bus, pretty preoccupied with lots of things. Like the four Breezers I had last night at a dinner party, 😛 , how much more I could have stomached (without looking for a loo), the upcoming appraisals I have, what I should do over the weekend, what I should have for dinner. I am having all these thoughts swirling in my head when this guy in the bus is trying to sell me something. At first I barely notice, but then he inches closer and closer, and though I am not looking in his direction, I get this feeling he is heading towards me. I am still lost in thought, thinking ‘damn, I only wish I could leave earlier’ and ‘man, why do I end up working till 10 in the night everyday’.

Now, this guy is really close. He is like one seat away, and he is looking at me and uttering something in Kannada, which I obviously don’t understand. I still don’t pay much attention to him, and instead am thinking ‘the nerve on hawkers these days, they don’t ever give up do they’. I am this close to yelling at this guy that I don’t want whatever it is that he is trying to sell me, but then realise that he is wearing a Khaki shirt, and is clutching a few bills in one of his hands, delicately balancing himself with the other while the bus sways and jumps over speedbreakers which the driver anyway thinks is to test the warranty on the suspension. He looks annoyed now. Finally I pay enough attention to him and just about in time (before he beat me black and blue), manage to say “Ondu Jyothi’, pay him 5 bucks and get back the ticket. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lost In Thought

    1. @Vivek,

      Actually I wasn’t thinking of any girl at all. (Believe it or not.) And Jyothi happens to be short form for Jyothi Circle which is the bus stop you need to get down at as well when you come from Bangalore. Glad you asked. Saves me a phone call. 🙂

      And yea, the ticket to Jyothi circle costs only 5 Rupees. (INR)

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