Orkut Account Hack!!

Only this other day I was sitting at a bank office (in no official capacity. I( hold an account there and was just chatting over a cup of free tea.) near my office explaining to some of the employees there that internet banking was really safe and phishing is not such a big deal. If you know of phishing and know how to avoid it, you won’t fall into the trap. I am sure they didn’t really agree with me. And now I know why.

Hardly two days after the event, I click on an Orkut link on a computer that is used by quite a few people. I did not even think to check the link. I enter my username password, and nothing happens. The same page appears. It was wee hours of the morning. So instead of getting pissed of that the page did not load or getting curious, I just go to sleep. (My company works me till 3 AM constantly. I doubt if you can get curious or furious at such an hour even with a couple of shots of caffeine.)

The next morning, I am at a meeting in my office when my elder brother, calls me up. Ah, that feeling when everyone from your manager to the clown sitting next to you looks at you like you committed a grave offense. I simply cut the call, put my phone on silent and carry on with the meeting. After the meeting, I call up my brother and to my shock, find that my Orkut account has been hacked!! Whoa!! And what’s more, they have erased my profile, and posted some obscenities there replete with pictures matching the theme. Since  I would not have net access for I don’t know how many days and the last place I wanted to go to reclaim my account was a cyber cafe, I asked my bro to do something about it. And sure enough, he reclaimed the account. Thank God for that.

Moral of the story: Always be on the watch out. Never let your guard down.

P.S: Now, you know why I am faceless on Orkut.


9 thoughts on “Orkut Account Hack!!

  1. I am not sure of the date. Not something I want to remember too fondly. It’s not like its a first date. 🙂 The about me where ? I doubt if there is an about me in my Orkut account right now. Or at least it is very minimalistic.

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    Note by Author: Removed links to some sites. Thoguth hard about approving this comment, But just so people are aware, there are such things possible. Stay proteccted!!!

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