Typical Work Place Scenario

Have you ever been annoyed and pissed off by

a nincompoop higher up you’re really against? I have.

I just hate his gut and want to get this real straight.

(Ok, that came out real bad.) If you are a working individual, and are working in the IT industry (yeah industry), then you definitely have a higher-up who just annoys you so much you really want to inflict some damage on him/her. However, since I cannot do that without either being kicked out or being kicked out, 🙂 all I can do is vent it out on my blog.

Do you have a higher-up (I say higher up, because every company has its own terminology all of which sound equally funny. Module Leader, Group Leader, Program Analyst) who is so pathetic at English, that it makes you feel bad that you were even allocated to the same project ? On top of that when there is a mis-communication  and he/she says “Try to get what I am saying, ok?” , it just drives you up the wall. So, here’s an imaginary chat between my module leader and me, over internal communicator:

Me: Hey X, I need to go out for a bit. I should be back soon in 15-20 minutes.

X: were u going…. ??? (typical of people who think its cool to type with multiple punctuations)

Me: I just need to go to the bank.

X: oh. y ? (notice again how such people like typing y and sound cool and all that)

(I actually want to yell, on personal business. Do you mind ? But then I think of something better.)

Me: I am just going for a heist.

X: okie….just mk sure u cm bk in 1/2 hour.

Me: Thanks. Ill be back soon.

Ha! gotcha!! You should actually try something like this. I remember writing “colic” this once in my leave letter just for the kicks and my class teacher didn’t ask me a single question after that. 🙂 I guess I even got away with skipping a test.


5 thoughts on “Typical Work Place Scenario

  1. You wrote colic and got away? 😀 I tried laryngitis once (not in BVB 😉 ) and the class teacher stared at me! Got away though, good fun!

  2. Its funny how you can never quite tell if they’re listening or not.
    So you cant really stretch it.

    Calvin: I’m going to establish contact with aliens.
    Mom: OK
    Calvin: I’m going to drive down the hill at 600 miles/hour.
    Mom: Uh Huh.
    Calvin:I’m going to steal cookies from the kitchen.
    Mom: Try it and you’re dead buster.

  3. @Hari,

    Yup. You just have to keep a very straight face when they look at you while reading the letter.

    Hey, I got away with “As I am studying in this college, I am suffering from headache.” :d I only wish I can pull that letter from the file and scan it.


    Listening is one thing, comprehending is another. It wasn’t lack of attention I was stressing. Our man in the story cannot tell the difference between were and where. 😀

  4. hey… i am regular at ur blog especially during the au results time… nice attempt… fun to read… loved the thing on the mould in the cooker… funny :D…
    sry this comment has nothing to do with this post…
    i am one of those unfortunate souls doing my b.e mech 2nd year in an au affiliated coll 😦
    i got 72 in my manufacturing tech 2 paper… but i tot i would get a lot more… reval i got nc… my profs(abt 5 of em.. all experienced in the field) tot i would easily get ard 85 so they insisted i go the 3000 thing cos it would make a big diff to my aggregate… but i got an nc in review as well … can u help me explain this paradox?

  5. @Aragon, (TLOTR fame ?)

    Trust me, if you had to look at it, and use your olfactory senses, then you wouldn’t think it funny. 🙂

    You get 72 and crib about it, while most of us used to manage to pass the exams ? Get out of here!! (kidding)

    Oh, and its not a paradox. If I could explain the evaluation process in AU, then I would be in the running for a Nobel or something. 🙂 just chill and keep doing your best.

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