What Lies Beneath

No, not the Zemeckis movie. And, no don’t get imaginative/excited either. 😛 This is just a post on what happens to unwashed utensils that are uncared for, for a really really long time and the surprise awaiting people who do so.

For all bachelor men and bachelor women (comments correcting that the word is spinster, are not welcome.), if ever you cook food, make sure you wash the utensils within 24 hours. Otherwise you are inviting some serious trouble.

Before you can see the pictures, the conversation between two flat mates of mine:

It’s a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. People in my flat are just getting up. One guy goes to the kitchen to have some water, and finds that his cooker has been sitting near the sink for quite some time now. He opens it, and gags. He would have thrown up, only he has not had any food yet. He quickly goes to his room and wakes up his roomie, who is still in bliss. He gets up, groggily and asks him what the peep was so important that he had to be woken up.

Person 1: Dei, bugger, you were supposed to wash that cooker. How long has it been there, that way ?

Person 2: Errr, I don’t know. when did we cook last.

Person 1: #$@#$#

Me: (opening the lid of the cooker) Holy shit!! What on earth…

Person 1: Is that fungus ?

Person 2: Oh yeah, now I remember, I was cultivating them for mycoremediation.

Person 1: I am going to so kill you if you don’t clean up that right NOW!!

Person 2: ok, ok relax. I’ll clean it.

Ze Pictures:

(1) The seemingly innocuous surface:

Cooker With Lid On
Cooker With Lid On

(2) When you open the lid, you get:

With Lid open
With Lid open

If you notice closely, you should be able to see mold thriving inside. 🙂 Yummy.

(3) A close up shot for the benefit of thee.

The close up
The close up

The good news is, I didn’t have to wash the cooker. Thank God for that.  The good news for you is, you only had to see the photos. I know it is a pretty disgusting thing to post on, but hey better learn from others mistakes than your own. Mold seems to grow very easily in places where the humidity is high. Even though Chennai qualifies for high humidity, I don’t think they can survive the heat. In Mangalore it’s a different story.

* The conversation in the post is imaginary and any resemblance it has with living people is entirely coincidental.

** P.S: For some reason, pictures 1 and 2 would simply not display right. And there is no option in wordpress allowing you to turn images.


3 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. @Kadambari,

    Not very pleasant, I know.


    Ya, should have thought of that. But I thought we already discussed this before. That should have been warning enough. 🙂

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