If Magazines Could Read

This is one of my long time and favorite interests. Every time I see a public board or a notice, that someone has screwed up, or has something funny, I simply have to draw attention to it. This is a photo I shot in MORE Super Market (I don’t know how these shops qualify as Super Markets).


(Click on the pic the enlarge)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Enough said. Oh in case you don’t get it, you need to look closely at the yellow colored notice on the far left of the magazine rack.

5 thoughts on “If Magazines Could Read

  1. @Srihari Murali,

    Oh they have CCTV in there. The moment they find a magazine reading, ..well I don’t know what they do with it. 😛


    Actually, if you look closely, it says MAGZINES 😀 Oh, you should have seen the attention I was drawing to myself while photographing that. They probably thought I was photographing some dame on the cover of some mag(a)zine. 🙂

  2. LOL!!! 😀 This is something even I do…jus that I dont photograph half d crazy thngs i see on chennai roads!!
    Anyways…there was this sale of PANT’S and SHIRT’S going on in Valluvarkottam High Road…any one interested?? 😀

    Gud one!:)


  3. @Aruna,

    Sometimes its awkward to photograph things in public. People stare at you like you are an alien.

    Oh, and are you implying that I photographs crazy stuff on Chennai roads ? (Oh wait, I used to as a matter of fact.)

    Gotta run to Valluvarkottam now. (pant’s all the way there) 🙂

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