Another Post in the Blog

Phew. Man. If only I was Madonna, I’d probably go ‘Long Long Time ago, I can still remember…’ After being in hibenation for really really long (which was a welcome change for most people who pretended to read  my blog.) I resurface again. Or atleast hope so. Ever since I left college and joined a job, things have never been the same. I mean in college, you could call sick any time you felt like, at work, you could still do that, only your pay would get docked. Then there is always this issue with higher ups who think you can fit in three days worth of work into one day. So that means you aren’t left with much time. Time has never been much of an issue though. It’s just that I haven’t had an internet connection at home for so long and my company does not allow you to access wordpress (among many other sites)

I am kinda rusty after being out of the game for so long. Also, I didn’t really know what to write about. So you have just another useless post. Here’s hoping that I can blog more frequently.


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