From Mangalore to Chennai

I left Mangalore on Friday night at exactly 21:30 hours to Chennai. Couple of things about the travel by train.

 1) A straight line between two points is ALWAYS shorter than a curved line connecting two points. (Unless you are talking about Indian Railways of course.) [“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”]

The train goes all the way to Coimbatore and then decides, shit, I was supposed to go the other way round. So, then it takes almost a U turn and then comes back to Chennai. Sad part: There is no direct train from Mangalore to Chennai through Bangalore. Funny thing is, the train reaches Bombay faster than Chennai.

2) There is a side middle berth in train these days. Side middle!!  I don’t know if people have observed this, but my train had two sets of numberings for the coaches. This resulted in everyone thinking they were right about the numbers, including me ofcourse.

Side Middle Berth
Side Middle Berth


Stranger on train: “This is the new numbering system here” pointing to the numberings written on white paint with a white-board marker. (My idea of a prank if you ask me.) “This should be the right number”

Me: Wanting to show off that I can do math,

 “See, we are in the 8th row and each row has 9 seats. 8 * 9 is 72. So this should be the right number, not that.”

Stranger goes all the way to the end of the coach, counts numbers, comes back and says, “Yeah. There are 72 seats alright.”

I give him a triumphant smile.

A few hours later: The TTR comes and tells me “Your seat is there” ???!!! Whaddaya know. My face went the size of an orange for an instant. Now it was the Strangers turn to smile at me. Ah, damn, wish I could wipe that smile off his face.

 3) There are these cool new LED displays on the trains which show you where exactly you are, which station is next and as it approaches the next station, how far it is. Credit to Laloo for this. (Or whoever thought of it and implemented it.) I don’t know if it used GPS for sure (must be though), but it’s cool all the same.

I reached Chennai on Saturday at around 15:30 after 18 hours of travel.

7 thoughts on “From Mangalore to Chennai

  1. @Vibushan,

    It was NEWS to me as well. That place is so cramped, I would prefer to sleep in the loo. Wait, maybe not. The loo stinks.

    But I would feel like I am in a cage in any of those side berths now. 6 * 1 1/2.

    The funny part is, in the train I came in although, these side berths were there, they were not allocated at all. Dumbasses!!

  2. Wow the train has positioning display now thats news for me, well am telling you book the bloody air ticket next time when you’re coming to chennai from mangalore.

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