One Day (Down the Drain) – @ Passport Office

Ok, nothing to do with the Chennai rains of which I am sure you must have got innumerable mails (/forwards) with sad sad images. Ok, sorry. Let’s forget that. Not a ver ygood memory.

This has to do with my passport application. The story goes thus….

I had applied for a passport in June 2008 at Chennai. (The post can be found here.) That was followed by me joining Infosys again in June. What followed was Police coming home (relax) for passport cerification. And obviously I wasn’t available in Chennai. (I haven’t perfected being in two places yet. Still training.) So, now my online status says “Police Verification Failed” I tried mailing the people at the passport office to find out what I should do, but then surprise surprise, they don’t reply.

Then I went to their website to try and see what I should do. I thought the FAQ’s section or something will have some information on it. But then this is India. No information whatsoever. I went through the site more religiously than I have gone through my Engineering books. (return null;) That’s all I got. Nothing.

So I finally decided to take control of things, applied for leave (after having to literally fight with my PM. You know how it works.) and came to Chennai so that I could go there (come here ?) and find out. I asked a few people and they told me that I had to go to the passport office and give in a letter asking for re-initiation of Verification process.

I went to the passport office today. Had to wait in the queue for about an hour and a half to two hours. At the end of which I am told I can no longer apply for verification. What the ? Thsi guys tells me I have to produce a proof of my current address in Mangalore (Yea another sad story.) and proof of employment. After I do that, it will be transferred to Bangalore and God knows what will happen after that. Problem is I don’t have either. So I am pretty much stuck. Dead.

If someone can enlighten me as to what I can do, do let me know. I would like to get out of this situation ASAP.


5 thoughts on “One Day (Down the Drain) – @ Passport Office

  1. You can take two actions:

    1. Write to Internal Affairs Minister Mr. P Chidambaram and request him to bring in a “Right to Passport Act”. Your problem is shared by many in our country. (It is very difficult to prove in India that “Naanthaan, Naan – I am me)

    2. File a PIL in the Madras High Court directing the Passport Office to issue passport to you. Most likely officers will come to your house to serve you the passport and at least that will help the system to rectify. (This I am not suggesting as fun, but as a real action plan that might help rectify this system)


  2. Welcome to India.

    Solution: Contact a travel agent and get him/them to work things out for you. You pay money to get the work done and they deal with the bullshit.

  3. @Triplicani,

    Firstly, let me welcome you to my blog.

    I agree with you, but then I dount if writing to Chidambaram will elicit a response. As for the Madras high court, I don’t know how it works, but I guess a Travel agent will work out cheaper.

    You know the only reason I didn’t apply either through tatkal or through a travel agent is because I wanted to get things through proper channel. But I guess in India, the proper channels are always clogged. [:D] Which is why I still don’t have a valid driving licence either.

  4. @Marc,

    Feels so good to be back in this country [:P] Was beginning to miss it actually.

    But yeah, I would be doing that if my current attempts also fail.


    Middlemen. Grrrr….

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