In Chennai for the Weekend/Diwali

Back in Chennai after more than a month. Thank God we weren’t greeted by rains. Rains in Mysore are bad enough.

Ah, it’s been ages since I blogged or even logged in for that matter. It’s ironical that inspite of working for a IT company, you are not allowed to access blogs, email and Orkut, listen to music, watch movies, or play games. (The very reason computers were invented for if you ask me.) Company policy, apparently. We cannot use company resources for personal purposes. 😀 (It’s not as ridiculous as not being allowed to use cell phones in stupid colleges though.) Thing is we spend close to 8-10 hours in fron of the PC without doing any of these. We have our Intranet of course.

I have almost forgotten how to write a post. I had a lot of trouble logging in. (you tend to forget the password when you don’t login for about 3 months.) Anyway, now that I am here for a couple of days, there will be a couple of posts and also a job I haven’t had the time to do for quite a number of days now – remove dumbass comments by dumbasses and close comments from certain posts if necessary. Also there is Hari’s post that is pending for sometime now. 🙂


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