Of Vernacular and National Newspapers

In other news, my friend Vibushan appeared in a couple of newspapers. His project apparently is path breaking stuff. ( Talk about redifining the definition of path breaking.) 😉 But that’s not what we are going to discuss here. Here I present a couple of pictures one of which appeared in a vernacular newspaper and another which appeared in a national newspaper. Spot (just one) difference(s):

That’s the difference between vernacular and English newspapers. (If you could identify it that is.) That’s the difference you are subjected to when you choose a vernacular newspaper or a news channel in favour of a English news channel. (Not all though. Some English news channels are just as bad.) 

Oh, and congrats Vibu. It’s a huge deal and all of us (who know you and am sure who don’t know you (yet) are proud of you). 🙂


8 thoughts on “Of Vernacular and National Newspapers

  1. hi karthik,
    i’m a friend of vibushan, i was a classmate of him in college and it feels great to see that their proj. has been published in newpapers. I ‘d also like to add that theirs’ were selected as the best in our coll. by TCS and were also awarded some cash prize…

    BTW , the one that brought me here was ur old post abt Arnab Goswami, truly hilarious and i was much happy to see him been torn into pieces there…

  2. @Vivek,

    Bugger got the best project award and all. 😀


    If you can make out the quality of the paper from the photo, it is commendable indeed. 😛


    Great ? Do people even read posts these days before commenting ?


    Nope. Nothing to do with the quality of pictures.


    Nice to have you on my blog. I know about their project being selected as best project. It’s a different matter that Vibu never treated me for it. 😦 (Bugger)

    Good that another person liked that post. There have been quite a few hate mails too. 😉

    @Rampant heart,


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