Four Point Someone

Ok, first things first. I wanted a T-shirt that read “FIve Point Someone”. Now that’s effed. No, it’s nothing to do with the T-shirt not being available or anything. And for that matter, it doesn’t even have to do with the Chetan Book. (That you might or might not have heard about depending on which part of the globe you are from. If you have heard about it and gave it a miss, you are excused.)

Now, this might seem silly, but it is to do with my Grade Point Average in my training. (On a scale of 5 of course and not 10). Shit happens. Unix happens. 🙂 (Not that I have anything against UNIX personally. Just that it cost me my magical <digit>.<digit> score) And then all so slowly and agonisingly you realize that you can no longer wear that T-shirt. It will now have to read “Four Point Someone” and that’s no fun, now, is it ? (Even if you do manage to score on the higher side of 4.95 and naturally think it should be rounded off to 5.0. 😀 )

Now I will have to use certain library functions in conjunction with the GPA to make a T-shirt that reads something similar. Ok , enough random stuff for now. Got a 4 credit test coming up. I hope I don’t screw it.


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