Sony Ericsson-K810i Clear (Hard) Case

I went to a cell phone accessories shop a few days back and was asking for a leather case for my phone. I wasn’t going to buy it unless it was authentic. I saw a pouch and it was in a case and all which said Sony Ericsson written on it. I asked for the price and he quoted < 100 Rupees for it. Well, now, I know my accessories and know that Sony Ericsson cases cost at least 7-8 times that. (There is a store in Nungambakkam on Haddows road right opposite to Shastri Bhavan where they have almost every accessory of Sony Ericsson. I was impressed. But they didn’t seem to have the tripod I wanted. 🙂 ) I wonder what these peoples’ definition of ORIGINAL is. Then he showed me a few covers which had NOKIA written on it. Why would I buy a cover that says NOKIA when I have a SONY ERICSSON phone ? The shopkeeper didn’t think it was a big deal. I’ll tell you what, it is. If it had nothing written on it, its a different thing.

So I decided I wasn’t going to buy them after all. But I lay my eyes on this “crystal” case and though not great by any stretch of imagination, it was pretty good. And what’s more, I had to pay < 50 Rupees for it. That’s cheap. It’s not authentic, but if you drop your phone, it will at least take a bit of the impact. When I bought the phone, the case wasn’t available yet. It has taken some time for it to come to the market.

The case: (I hate to call it crystal. It’s just molten plastic.)

Here are a few snaps of the case (on the phone) which I captured with a 1.3 MP camera. It looks really bad. (Thanks to a wonderful camera) I wish I had another k810i just to photograph my phone. Other phones don’t do justice.

Front viewRear ViewLeft Side ViewRight Side ViewTop View

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge.)

Photos with description:

Front ViewRear ViewLeft Side ViewRight Side ViewTop View

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge. )

To see how the phone actually looks, read here

Sony Ericsson K810i


8 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson-K810i Clear (Hard) Case

  1. But if it’s crystal (I’m using that means it’s hard) how would that take the impact? Wouldn’t it be better if the case was soft? Or if the case would crush and break easily?

  2. @George,

    It isn’t crystal. The crystal here is used as in clear. 🙂 Crystal ? It need not be soft to take the impact. The energy of the fall can be absorbed in more ways than just compression. These can include cracking of the case and sound of course. (that should be obvious 😀 )

    It does break easily 🙂

    And as Amog points out, it holds your phone in one piece when it falls. (unless you fling it from a moving vehicle or something.) It also does protect it from scratches.

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