Good Day-Chennai Outer

It has been an incredibly pleasant day today, so far at least. I went to the passport office and came back home (Thiruvanmiyur-Nungambakkam-MTC Depot(Yes inside it.)-Besant Nagar-Thiruvanmiyur) in less than 2 hours. Speldid isn’t it ? Whats more, I walked from Besant Nagar to home and didn’t so much as sweat. Now, in Chennai, that’s quite something. The weather has obviously superb for the past few days.

I shall write about my experiences in the next few posts.

P.S: If you got the post title, good for you. Don’t brag though.


5 thoughts on “Good Day-Chennai Outer

  1. The problem this weather won’t last for long, coz it happens most of time. Where yesterday night it would’ve have rained heavily and next day when we get up the clouds would be crystal clear with sun up.

  2. @Rachel,

    Yes, but I don’t have to put up with this for long now. 🙂 Another week or so. I hope the weather stays this way. I hope the weather stays mild. 🙂 (was that the line ?)

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