One Lakh Hits

Err, hard to believe and totally insignificant too, but now I can boast of being a Lakhpathi. πŸ™‚ 1,00,000 hits and counting. (Ok, by now, the ‘and counting’ looks silly. You don’t sit and count numbers after that.) So, I decided I’d install StatCounter, just to see how the hits and the visits differ in the future. It’s up and running.

I thought of a few minor modifications to the blog, but I don’t think that would be all that necessary. I don’t know if I can blog all that actively in another 15 days or so anyway. Anyway, regardless, keep reading and keep the score board ticking.

I would not like to thank anyone for being a big support and all that. Jobless people, go do something useful for a change. πŸ˜›

12 thoughts on “One Lakh Hits

  1. Jobless people, go do something useful for a change. Why always trying to target others? If you are a jobless person means, then don’t try to include others in that list. Not all the bloggers are jobless like you!!!!!

  2. @Marc,

    Statcounter does that, no ? 30 minutes I think. Any statistic is insignificant for that matter.


    But I did. The last line. Sorry, I wasn’t specific though. πŸ˜€


    Target others ? Ever heard of a joke ? I am jobless and I am not trying to include other people in that list. I know some bloggers like you are not jobless. Which is why you responded to this post with a comment longer than George’s. πŸ™‚

  3. Statistics are insignificant, then you do you post about it. And what really matters is unique visitors, Cos if you load your page in your browser 20 times a day, it would be also counted for the total hits.

  4. Whenever I hear the word ‘statistics’, I hear Navjot Sidhu boom, “Statistics are like bikinis. They reveal a lot, but not the most essential things”.

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