Jaishree’s Post on Tamil Movies

Once in a while, I stumble upon really well written posts (In my opinion at least) that somehow appeal to me. I remember linking Hari’s post here. This time over it’s Jaishree . I wish I could write as well as these people, but I can’t. 🙂 So, I leave you with a link to her post. It’s worth a read.

If You’re a Kid in a Tamil Movie


One thought on “Jaishree’s Post on Tamil Movies


    British Magazine ‘Popsicle’ studied faces of 300 actresses and models late this summer, before homing in on Malyali actress Navya Nair. She will now be conferred the Indian Portait Award for 2008 by the Magazine’s Editors in London. the pageant apparently comes with a citation and $ 2.5 million cash award.

    The actress expressed surprise at winning the pageant, saying she is “dumb struck.” She is considered one of Keral’s most talented actresses, finding favour with the masses and critics. Her mass appeal rivaled only by Shobhana.

    Navya shot to fame with her massive hit, Nandanam and has amassed awards from all corners since her debut. Born Dhanya Nair in 1984 sheis noted for her portrayal of the typical Malyali girl in various movies. She debuted in the Malayalam film Ishtam (2001). She bagged the Kerala State Award for the Best Actress in 2002 for the film Nandanam and again in 2005 for her performance in films Kanne Madanguka and Saira.

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