English Massacred by Indian Government


Well, the other day I remember discussing with Marc somewhere as to how the experience of obtaining a Driving Licence can be a whole lot worse than obtaining a Passport. Right now I am so confused and dizzy (thanks to the application), that I ask of the readers to “bare” with me if there are any errors at all in the post.

Here is (ample ample) proof. English language murdered and massacred and on an Official Government of India form. Talk about revenge. 🙂

  • Signature of Thumb Impression

Signature of Thumb Impression

Ever thought about that ? You thumb impression can have a signature now. Completely digital too. Haven’t you heard of digital signatures ?

  • Yes I Enclose. And… ?

Yes I Enclose. And...?

#17 on the form says “I enclose three copies of my recent photograph (passport size photograph)” followed by a line where you are supposed to write something. What ? Yes, I do. ? Or do they expect us to write stuff like “This photograph was taken when I was in my 2nd year B.E. I used to play sports back then. That should explain the tan.”

  • Mot less than

Mot Less Than

Em En O Pee. How does it matter ? It’s all the same anyway. Ever seen how MIT spells Massachusetts anyway ? With a V. And here we are criticizing our poor Govt. officials.

  • Vehical fitred

Vehical Fitred

Vehical is like logical. We don’t say Logicel now do we ? And it’s supposed to be fitted with some red thing of some sort. A Half lime smeared in blood perhaps ?

  • Steering Whell

Steering Whell

Whell, what can I say ?

  • Au ourside, reaeily, ordinery, disbility

Au ourside, reaeliy, ordinery

Au ourside ? Wow, we have the Gold on our side now. How boring an outside would be ? Who wants an outside when you have gold on your side ?

But then how can you be suffering from muscular power ? Isn’t that like awesome ? Having muscular power ? It’s like saying Superman suffers from superpowers. Indeed he does.

Once you are involved with a distillery, its quite ordinary to spell ordinary as ordinery. Big deal.

Disbility is like Invisibility. Another superpower.

  • Here declare, there in are true

(shall upload soon)

  • Beleif

(shall upload soon)

  • Amplity


Amplity. Ok, I am clueless on this one. (Except it probably should have been amplify.)

  • Maybe required to given further

Maybe required to given further

Yeah. That’s right. Maybe required to given further details. Not give. Given.

  • Spectacle, less of member

Spectacle,Less of member

That these guys can even read and write English is a spectacle.

Less of a member ? This guy sure lost his member. Dismembered.

  • Ordinery


Just an ordinery spelling mistake. Nothing to it really.

  • Adriver


Adriver ? Is it like screwdriver or something ?

  • An details

An detials

Now this could be in detail or and details. It’s your guess.

  • Affax


Affax!! Meaning you can also do it over fax. Normally it has to be affixed in person.

  • A manner of his signature….???

A manner of his signature

I leave this for people to comment.

P.S: Some of the images didn’t come out so well. But you can’t really complain. I used a camera, not a scanner. Now,there were (or surely must have been) more of this funny stuff on the form, but then it was quite tiring to get even these many.I hope it was enough to keep you entertained and keep the British away and any idea they might have of invading India again. Hurray to Indian Culture. 😀


68 thoughts on “English Massacred by Indian Government

  1. @Rachel,

    This is just one form. Imagine.


    I am a self confessed/declared jobless person. 🙂 I have the time for these things. Plus such things warrant time too, no matter ho busy you might be. You have to rightly project India to the world. 🙂

    The only regret I have is that I don’t have a scanner and the photos were taken under an fluorescent light causing shadows to appear. 😦

    @Hari, (Srihari, who doesn’t for some reason fill the name of his website. 🙂 )



    Why the surprise ? This is India.

    @Hari,(Hari kumar)

    Even I need to find that out. Really. I was planning on calling the post “Who on earth prints these forms ?”


    Thanks. Yes, I do. They gave up on us.

  2. The worst part is that no one even makes an effort to fix the errors. And then there are some losers who will say ‘Why does it matter as long as you got the meaning?’ To these assholes, I say ‘STFU and GTFO’.

    Gold ourside? Sheesh.

  3. I hate english. but I’ve to use it. This language has spoiled all Indian languages. There is no language missing the word sorry and thank you. I was about to post regarding this issue on my blog. To be frank Our national language should be promoted more.

  4. @Guttu,

    That you hate English is acceptable. You should post on it too. I’ll be happy to read. As for the national language, which language are you talking about ? 😀

  5. @Marc,

    You say that to everyone. You had your blog titled that once. 🙂

    I am now suspecting Fort Knox. Do they have a printing press inside ? Must have been them. They have left clues behind. It’s a treasure I tell you. 😉

  6. @karthik
    There is this language called hindi which south Indians hate as far as I know and say that this language polluted their language. I heard and read such things many times.

  7. @Guttu,

    Oh hi. Hindi you say ? Which state do they speak that in ? Never heard of it man. 🙂 For someone who has a good GK, you seem to assume South India has one common language. You should give Civil Services a shot. Mayawati will be happy to have you in her state.

    As for Hindi polluting and all that, don’t know really. Do they drive Humvees ? I remember reading that somewhere too. “Rapidex:From Chariots to Humvees in 7 hours”

    But you thinking that Hindi should be enforced is the same as the Brits thinking English should be made compulsory. No difference really. Also, why don’t you learn Sanskrit for a change ? Indian culture and all.

    P.S: I was born in the state currently being governed by Mayawati. 😉
    P.P.S: I couldn’t resist this jibe, but when you write that post, do write it in the “National” language.


    English is not India’s national language. Well I am behind you if you say English is important or should be used as the primary means of communication, but then I reckon regional (and not the “national”) languages must be given equal importance.

  8. Guttu, open your eyes. We use English at work, in education, for signboards and hoardings, for newspapers and for inter-State communication. In fact, we are all communicating in English right here!

    South Indians hate Hindi because you keep forcing them to learn it (as if Hindi is superior) when they have their own regional languages. Why exactly are you calling it the national language? Only about 41% of the population speaks it. No one uses it at work, schools, colleges, advertisements etc. In the Southern states no one uses it at all (except to order chaat perhaps).

    Karthik, the Humvee was a mokka.

  9. Hey can any of you tell one single person who talks Tamil well in South India (Today’s generation). Don’t we talk the so called Tanglish ( if i am right 🙂 ) . Then where’s the place for Hindi in South India dudes.

  10. @karthik
    You don’t know where they speak hindi. Well then you need to improve your GK. Almost all northern India speaks hindi. Their official languages like punjabi,gujarati, nbengali may be different. but they use it. I never assume South India has one language.
    I still say hindi should be enforced. If you think that its same as british did then its your misunderstanding. You may have written I was born and ………………..
    But in reality south Indians hate hindi.
    The reason for enforcing is to have one language common for the communication. At present since majority speaks hindi its easier to implement. Why not english?? It’s not our language. May be your’s. But not mine.
    And BTW I know Sanskrit. though I’m not very fluent at it. Almost all my cousins have opted for Sanskrit language right from 5th standard.

    oh.. my eyes were closed. I didn’t knew that. South Indians hate hindi bcoz they enforce. But the real reason is to have one common language for communication.
    When you go to a state other than your’s what you speak?? you use english?? With chaiwala, conductor, coolie?? Oh sorry. You must be a rich man and don’t need to communicate with these peoples.

    that’s true. that’s why I hate english. It’s polluting all Indian languages. Hindi,Marathi,Tamil languages which are rich in literature are spoken with english words. Sanskrit is oldest and is not polluted bcoz it’s not spoken.

    Duh…. Too long comment. But let me tell you that I don’t hate South Indian languages. Currently I’m learning Tamil and Telugu. I’ve already watched a bunch of films in those languages. I only don’t like when people say english is superior than Hindi or any other Indian language. The Current English Dictionary has more than 1,50,000 words out of which only 13000 thousand are original. All other are derived.

    I think I talked tooo much.. We’ll fight with next comment. 😀

  11. I’m not willing to argue any more with someone as deluded as you. You are one of the thousands of people I’m trying to avoid in real life.

  12. @George,

    I am not so sure.


    There is a thin line between a Mokkai and a good joke which I continuously trod upon. It’s a matter of perspective see, like parallax. Depends on how you look at it. 😉


    Sivakumar ? I heard he even submitted a copy of the project report in Tamil to support the culture and heritage and all that ? He is also writing a Java compiler in Tamil. 🙂 Haven’t you heard about Selerines Corp ? The next big thing!!


    What on earth are you saying about how you trying to enforce Hindi is any different from the brits trying to enforce English ? The way I see it, the only difference is, they were successful to an extent.

    This whole enforcing business is crappy anyway. Would you like to be compelled to learn Chinese ? Most of the world’s population speaks it anyway.

    The one common language can be English. Why should it be Hindi ? And what the hell are you saying about, English not being out language ? Hindi isn’t exactly South Indians’ language either. Like it matters what your language is.

    Good, now try and enforce Sanskrit.

    When we go to other states, we will eat at restaurants where they speak ENGLISH. The way I see it, it’s the loss of the chaiwala and the channa wala. Now, if only they had learnt English, I’d have been their customer. If they speak Hindi, they can sell their stuff to you. Even if I am not a rick man, I will not avail their services for not being able to speak English.

    What will you do when you go abroad ? Use Hindi ? Sure, the Germans and the French are pretty fluent.

  13. Sivakumar? oh gosh, i didn’t know that he submitted his report in Tamil. The next big thing, yeah i knew that. Well i am on English side always. My thing is speak English where you need to and Tamil or Hindi blah blah wherever necessary.

    We can’t speak Tamil or Hindi in abroad and English to some uneducated in Delhi or Chennai 😀

  14. Okay Karthik, I verified. English is an official language. No need to be unsure anymore 🙂

    English should be the principal official language and Hindi the subsidiary Official Language till 1965. After 1965, when Hindi becomes the principal official language of the Union, English should continue as the subsidiary official language.


    I’m happy with knowing a subsidiary official language.

  15. @Rachel,

    Nah, I was kidding.

    You are correct. When in Rome, roam. 🙂 (Isn’t that what they say anyway ?)


    “India’s National Language” and Subsidiary Official Language aren’t the same now, are they ?

  16. Due to Hari’s request, I shall continue to poke fun at Guttu but Karthik has destroyed him enough. If he comes back and posts more flawed arguments I’ll take him out.

  17. Hi,
    I came from Maharashtra to work for HCL in Chennai. I think, ppl here should learn least Hindi to make lives like me easy. Daily I struggle to spk with ppl like milkman, servant maid, etc, etc. Well, I’ll be back in some time, be happy. When I got argument about it couple of times, they asked me why I didn’t learn Tamil. Good, now I should start learning all regional languages as I may got to go to any state. A lady argued that when we go to Mumbai, ppl dont reply in Tamil. God, if this lady becomes PM, she’ll make a law that every Indian should learn each of 20+ regional language. Hush!!

  18. @Marc,

    Here is another person. 🙂


    Yes, you are right. When you travel from state to state, people should learn your language and slave over you. That’s the kind of mentality that lame people have. You should consider learning Tamil or relocating.

    Yes you should start learning regional languages. You think knowing Hindi makes you superior ? Everyone needs to lookout for themselves. If you feel that you are in trouble not knowing the regional language, then you should try and learn.

    Ok, after all that bashing, can you forward my resume to HCL ? 😀

  19. I simply expressed my genuine practical problem which I face only at this part of world, I dont know what makes u saying Hindi is superior & makes u slave & blah blah, I never said that.

    If I think vis versa, ppl like you (Spl mention here: Not inferior than any other ppl) come to north India (Spl mention here: Not superior than any part of India), they happily learn Hindi (Spl mention here: Not superior than any other language) coz here at least autowala, milkman, etc know some english words, also chemist, etc can spk good english, there these ppl know only hindi 🙂

  20. @Sandeep,

    You are faced with a problem I agree. But I do not agree with your solution.

    FYI, I already know Hindi pretty well (better than Tamil I guess) and I am quite proficient at it. I am not against the language or learning it. But it should not be imposed upon others.

    As for you not forwarding my resume, not an issue. 😀 So do HCL people write code and stuff in regional language ? (all over the world ? )

  21. Nobody is imposing Hindi on you. All over India, central/state govts operate in three languages, local/national(u wont agree here, I know, I dont bother)/global.

    At HCL part, you took it wrong, actually I meant, if u come to northern side to work with HCL, u shud be at ease when u start ur day, right from dudhwala in the morning. As you know Hindi very well, ther is no problem. if u wud start in english in front of them, they wont get much, thes r some genuine & practical problems, try to understand.

    And kindly dont compare any regional language with Hindi. We use it just bcoz most of the ppl can understand & we can spk it well, thx bollywood.

  22. Sandeep, enga area ulla varadha!

    You want us to learn Hindi to make it easier for you?!

    What is wrong with the woman’s argument? We don’t expect people to speak in Tamil when we go to the North so how dare you expect us to speak in a language alien to us for your own convenience?

    Dei unna madhiri pasangalukku eppadi sonnalum puriyadhu. Engayeyavadhu odipoyidu.

  23. Ha ha Marc. Well it’s quite simple really, Sandeep. When in Rome…

    It is an official language, Karthik. India has no de jure ‘national language’ as such, we have two official languages – Hindi and English.

  24. Hi marc,
    You c nothing wrong in woman’s argument! If you dont expect ppl to reply in Tamil when you go to north, what language autowala, milkman, house-maid, etc supposed to reply in, english? Ha ha

    The real alien language ‘English’ u prefer over Indian language ‘Hindi’, u call it alien???, thats ur problem.

    First u need to understand ‘Tamil’ is just another regional language like marathi, gujarati, bengali, dont read its inferior and hindi is just to communicate with general ppl who dont know english when ppl from diff states hv to travel/stay across. Try to cross judicial bounderies of TN, u’ll find its importance. Many Tamillians learn Hindi & go ahead leaving behind ppl like u shouting unnecessarily.

    If u read all my posts, u’ll c, I’m talking abt ur convenience too.

    My interest in posting on this blog concerns only the ease to communicate with general ppl who dont understand english, nothing else. There are many other concerns I’m in favor of Tamils over Hindi.

  25. Wow!!!! Its been such a long time since I saw a comment section in this condition. 😀 I think no one should force others to learn some language. Its the individual’s right to learn or not. If you are going to some other state then it should be you who should learn that state’s language. The main problem in India is that we use different language in every state and that makes it hard for almost everyone. If I go to north then I am supposed to learn their language and not ask them to learn my language. English is used in almost every part of our country. Many be not by uneducated people but I think you would have hardly used Hindi or Tamil when you were in school or college (This is for everyone). I think it is up to the individual to decide which language he thinks is useful (For now English is the only one which can save one’s ass in most parts of the world). Forcing Hindi is not good. And I think it is not possible to enforce it in Tamil Nadu where people in the village side respect Tamil more than anything else. Its for sure not possible. I think the country as it is now is good. Mistakes do happen whether it is small or big. And if we report it in our country it is of no use. They hardly care about the mistakes they commit. 😀

  26. Sandeep, don’t be foolish. If I am forced to go to North India then I will expect friends or co-workers to help me out. I will not expect people to speak my regional language (unlike you).

    English is not an alien language. We use it EVERYWHERE. Are you retarded?

    Do you speak Hindi at work? Did your school teach you science and math in Hindi? Are we speaking Hindi now?

    Like it or not English is what the entire country prefers. YOu can continue to be a Hindi fanatic and blindly support your favourite language without rhyme or reason. We’ll simply laugh at your delusions. You suggesting that people should learn Hindi to make things easier for people who already know Hindi all in the name of simplifying communication is a whole load of bullshit.

    With English you can survive anywhere in the world (like Vinod says). Who the hell wants to learn Hindi just to survive in North India? I hate the superiority complex Hindi speakers develop over people who speak other regional languages. Learn English or GTFO.

  27. @Sandeep,

    The only reason I sidetracked from the debate at hand was that you were ranting about the same thing over and over again and were getting annoying. I am generally nice to people and don’t decimate them unless really necessary. But you are asking for it.

    Let me make something crystal to you. If it is required that we speak a certain language to hire the services of certain people, we do not want it. No thanks. If you want to sell stuff, learn English. And don’t argue. The customer is always right.

    You seem to think preferring English over Hindi is not right. Dude, your sight is pretty limited. I wonder what HCL test in their interviews. You need to see the bigger picture. Learning English means you have global acceptance. In today’s world, national borders mean nothing.

    As for us understanding Tamil is just a regional language like Gujrati, oh ok wise one, we didn’t know that already. FYI, Tamil is the second most spoken “regional” language in India after Bengali. Hindi comes first of course. Worldwide, Tamil speaking population is estimated at 12th place. You should seriously consider learning it and stop your bull about the majority of the population learning Hindi just so that you can save a few paise on your milk. Cheapo, buy it from a supermarket.

    Marc will post in Tamil. Learn the language, understand it and then respond.

    As to what you said about words used and limit. I fail to understand. You can type in Hindi if you feel you are any better at expressing your views in Hindi. I shall translate and interpret. If you have nothing else substantial to say, I hate to say this to my readers, but do buzz off!!

  28. Good post, and great comments too. I agree with Karthik and Marc and the rest of them, but it struck me that one of Karthik’s arguments could have been used by Sandeep. If only the milkman and the maid and the green-grocer knew Hindi, they’d not have lost a customer. 😀

    The solution to this of course has already been discussed. Educate everyone in English.

    In one comment (very high up) Marc says these errors ought to be fixed and those who say they needn’t be ought to GTFO. I get the feeling he might have been targeting me because I once made the same statement. But that was when he was trying to force people to speak correct English when in all probability they weren’t interested. In written matters, especially official documents as these, someone needs to step in and fix it. When people speak, there is no point bothering because most people aren’t interested. (Of course, there are people who constantly strive to improve their English and there are many of them out there, says my cousin, who teaches English at VETA part-time.)

  29. @Sundar,

    I said English. Not Hindi.

    Marc, doesn’t target people. (Unless you were/are very annoying.) English proficiency is not relevant here. If you can ask someone something in English and they understand what you are saying and are able to reply, that’s fine. (If you understand the reply of course.)

    However, the same is not acceptable when “Engineers” and doctors keep making mistakes even while speaking English. That’s what results in forms like this. Educated people speaking English below an acceptable level is not acceptable. 😛

    Correcting it is encouraged really. At least the person would get to know the next time. But it has to be put subtly.

  30. Karthik,
    Pls put a notice on top, “ONLY FOR TAMIL SPKING PPL”, & blog in Tamil, so it won’t come in english google.

    BTW, Ground reality is ppl like u hate Hindi lot when in TN, as they go to Mumbai, etc, learn Hindi like an obidient child (Marathi too, Raj is forcing now-a-days:-)).

    Anyways, my sub-intention to put my views here to ease ppl like u (not u) when they come to Northern part of India. If you dont want to learn hindi, your life will b tuf little as mine in Chennai, thats it.

    Welcome Sunder, you are going to teach English crores of Indians where they are struggling to get primary education.

  31. What the hell is wrong with this guy ?


    For your kindest information, no one here was talking about using Tamil as a medium of communication. You are out of your effin brains.

    This is my blog. I do what I want to do with it. So you enter other people’s houses and go tell them, “Why don’t you put a board that says Dogs and retarded and mentally challenged people who talk gibberish and still think they are smart are not allowed” ? What in the world is wrong with you ?

    Why do you even use the “alien” English to Google. Why don’t you effin search in Hindi ? Maybe you can save a buck on milk.

    BTW, Ground reality is people like me do not hate Hindi. People like me hate retarded a-holes like you who preach crap and don’t know what they are talking about. Big a-holes too. I am sure Mumbai Hindi is one of the best in India. Highly proficient. Obedient child you say ? Why don’t you learn Tamil like an obedient child ? You were always dis-obedient weren’t you. The things you did as a child, I wonder.

    So you do agree your life is a mess. Ha, at least you are right on one count. People like me will ease themselves when they go anywhere in their world. They don’t need your crappy advice to “ease themselves”. Where there is a urge, there is an ease.

    And get this dumbass. I know Hindi. I am repeating it for the nth time. I probably am more proficient at it than you are. So stop it and get a life.

    If you think Sundar shouldn’t teach English to thousands of people, why don’t you teach them Hindi ? Why don’t you start with your maid and your milkman here ? See, you are all talk. God, people like you disgust me.

    And now I am telling you, GTFO from my blog. You are not welcome here. “ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO AREN’T JERKS”

  32. Sundar, I wasn’t thinking of you. While I remember your old comment now that you’ve mentioned it I wasn’t relating to that.

    Sendeep, why don’t you learn Tamil since you are in Tamilnadu? The language is in the name of the state itself. Also it is the OFFICIAL language of the state you are residing in. It will be easier for us to communicate since we will both know Tamil. Answer me.

    Anyway, who the hell goes to North India these days? Only you people keep coming down South cause we have all the IT industries.

    By the way, can you show me a photograph of yourself? It will be easier for me to avoid you (and people like Guttu) in the future.

  33. Karthik,
    That’s real YOU now, all garbage on your tongue!!! I was arguing descently with all right words. This blog is urs, but Internet is for all, no1 can stop me expressing my views anywhere, unless you scrap ur blog 🙂

    Why dont you learn Marathi to communicate well with me, Bengali to communicate with Mr Banerjee, Gujarati to communicate with Mr Shah, etc, etc
    Your stats r absolutely wrong, no. of ppl go from South to North is very big compared to reverse (Take Mumbai alone, boss!!). As far as IT industry is concerned, ppl never face such problems in Blore, Tamils are already ther to create them.

    And let this between TN v/s rest of India, not south & north.

  34. Now I think its enough guys, we had lot of fight instead of debate. But last thing I’m telling you, this is how any North Indian feels, nothing else.

    हम आपका हमेशा स्वागत करेंगे । देश के किसीभी कोनेमे । दक्षिण भारतीयोने इस देश कि तरक्की के लिये बहोत कुछ किया है । हम इसके लिये आपके सदा शुक्र गुजार रहेंगे ।

    धन्यवाद, आपके इस अनुठे प्रेम के लिये ।

    ॥ जय हिंद, जय भारत ॥

  35. Marc, I’ll translate it for u

    We’ll always welcome you anywhere in India. You ppl have contributed lot to upkeep this nation, we’ll always be thankful for that. Thanks for your unusual love. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

  36. @Sandeep,

    That’s still the virtual me. If you want to know the real me, we could meet. 😉 I brush my teeth and clean my tongue twice a day. And you say there is Garbage on it ? How dare you. You are invited to share your views. That is why the comments section is open. But give a thought to what you are saying and be doubly sure you know what you are saying.

    I need not “scrap” my blog. There are other ways to keep people like you out. But I shall not bother doing that.

    Let this not be anything vs anything. You are not a representative of the so called North and hence would be well advised to keep your attempts of trying to moderate the discussion to yourself.

    Well, heated arguments were unnecessary. You may be right about the fact that you face a lot of difficulties here, and I pity you. You should get your friends to help. On a people to people level, there is no such fighting. Take caste, religion, or even language and color for that matter. Only when we make it a faction1 vs faction2 does the trouble start brewing.

    I think its a good idea for people to learn Hindi too. But that decision is left to them. I am not going to go around telling people they should learn Hindi. It is their own business. Somethings you do not say, no matter how subtly you put it.

    The “Kisi” looks weird. 🙂 so do “Kee” (ki) , “layi”(liye) ,”bahot”(bahut), “kayia”(kiya), “layi”(liye)

    There is no “you” people. It’s we people. Your last comment reflects your superiority complex. Like you own the whole of India. No matter how nice you try to sound, that always comes across.

  37. Karthik didn’t get my point, but it was frivolous, and I’ll give that a miss.

    In Sandeep’s first comment, he says that people in Tamil Nadu ought to learn Hindi to make his life easy. That, I think was the prime reason that started this whole debate off. George made an apt reply about being in Rome. I doubt he read it.

    Well, people in Tamil Nadu cannot learn Hindi that easily, purely because it wont come that easily to them. Tamil is a Dravidian Language. It does not have any similarity with Hindi, which is an Indo-Aryan language. Other states where Marathi or Gujarathi or whatever is spoken might get along with Hindi speakers (or learn Hindi more effectively) because they are all similar in root.

    Sandeep, don’t you realize you were being a little stiff when you made that comment? Keeping the above paragraph in mind, don’t you think asking Tamil speaking people living in Tamil Nadu to learn Hindi is a tough ask? To them, Hindi is as foreign as English, or for that matter Swahili. Why should a milkman who spends his life in Tamil Nadu selling milk to Tamil-speaking people learn Hindi on the off-chance that he might serve a Hindi-speaking fellow some day?

    And Marc showed remarkable maturity when he said if he’d go to North India, he’d solicit his co-workers’ help till he was able to get by. (Of course if anyone would help Marc is a different question 😀 just ribbing you mate) And Marc, he didn’t fall for you calling him Sendeep, did he?

    Sandeep, the crux of your argument that people in Tamil Nadu must learn Hindi is based on the fact that there are a lot more Hindi speakers (or similar to Hindi language speakers) in India than Tamil speakers. From a superficial view-point, this might seem logical, but if you look closely, it isn’t. Well, the two languages just don’t mix. The two languages are as far apart as the Earth and the Moon. You might respond that Marathi is quite different from Hindi and that you know Hindi despite Marathi being your mother tongue and so on. But you got to have learned Tamil to know that no matter what you say, it is a completely different language, and there isn’t an iota of similarity between the two languages. You just cannot make Tamil people learn Hindi.

    Sandeep, you yourself have admitted that a lot of Tamil people who go to North India learn the language and get along with others. Why can’t you, when you come to Tamil Nadu, do the same? Your refusal to do that is what irks people, and gets you the tags of being arrogant and selfish. Now you know why you can’t expect Tamil people to learn Hindi. Stop cribbing about making the indigenous Tamil population fluent in Hindi and learn some Tamil yourself if you want to get by easily.

  38. Asking me to learn Tamil is equivalent to ask a Hariyanvi person to learn Manipuri if he happened to go there. Sundar’s info about how Tamil is diff from Hindi is thoughtful.

  39. Why dont you learn Marathi to communicate well with me, Bengali to communicate with Mr Banerjee, Gujarati to communicate with Mr Shah, etc, etc

    That is my point, Cundeep. We cannot keep learning random regional languages. Hence we learnt English.

    Your stats r absolutely wrong, no. of ppl go from South to North is very big compared to reverse (Take Mumbai alone, boss!!).

    What is the source of your data?

    And let this between TN v/s rest of India, not south & north.

    Sorry, South India sticks together.

    We’ll always welcome you anywhere in India. You ppl have contributed lot to upkeep this nation, we’ll always be thankful for that. Thanks for your unusual love.

    That is extremely offensive. Who the hell are you to patronise us?

    Asking me to learn Tamil is equivalent to ask a Hariyanvi person to learn Manipuri if he happened to go there. Sundar’s info about how Tamil is diff from Hindi is thoughtful.

    Asking me to learn Hindi is equivalent to ask a Hariyanvi person to learn Manipuri if he happened to go there.

    You are an arrogant hypocrite and a fanatic who refuses to follow logic.

    Why should we learn your language when you won’t even consider the idea of learning ours?

    PS: Please do post your photo here.

  40. Sandeep (12:01:09) :

    Pls put a notice on top, “ONLY FOR TAMIL SPKING PPL”, & blog in Tamil, so it won’t come in english google.

    Dude, of course it will.

  41. Hey guys let’s all learn a new language( which is new to whole world ) guess what? BUHAAAAAA…. 😆

    No use fighting over each state official language be it Hindi, Tamil, Marathi or blah blah… ENGLISH rules all you dudes.

  42. Awesome! I could actually read the Hindi characters, I haven’t read the language in years! Or spoken it! I can understand! I can see! I…am free!

  43. That’s what our Sundeep doesn’t get. He claims everyone should learn Hindi but Hindi speakers should not be expected to learn any other language (even English). Absurd.

  44. GOD!!!!!!!
    What a place this has come to be….someone tried to point out some mistakes in an official form and people start fighting and bickering over which language is better….hey come on!!!!!Don’t anyone of you take this immense pride in yourself that you are from a country that has an official record of 18 major languages, 325 different languages and a staggering 1652 dialects….really you even have the time and energy to do so….invest this energy somewhere else like some social work or so…it would help this country…obviously if you really love India in your heart…..

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