My First Two Times

First Time:

While I may be a little late on the scene what with me being 21 and all, there’s always a first time. However, the first time is scary isn’t it ? You have never done it before. You are always scared you are going to screw up, that you will cause irreparable damage. So, then it’s not surprising that I was a little apprehensive. I had to get into gear slowly and make sure I picked up pace only gradually. After a while, I decided it was enough for one night. I had learned some valuable lessons that just cannot be taught. They have to be learnt and mastered. But I was jumping with joy like a kid by the end of it.

Second Time:

After having done it once, I was increasingly confident and was looking forward to proving that I was getting better at it. This time over, I had little trouble. All the mistakes I had made during my first time, I seemed to have learnt from. The entire ride was smoother. I picked up pace, made a few surprise moves. I even tried reverse. By, now I was enjoying it. I am still scared of doing it in crowded places though. That takes some practice.

What am I talking about ? Well, I did get more obvious towards the end, didn’t I. Car driving man!! Read the post again. 🙂 It so happens that coincidentally, I went driving at night. I need to get a driving license soon. I am still not very confident of driving on congested roads. I just hope I get my LLR soon so that I can go driving on crowded roads.


10 thoughts on “My First Two Times

  1. Very nice. Really, bery good. Just so you know, you need a qualified driver in the car if you want to drive with an LLR.

    Also, your list of possibly related posts is a nice source of amusement:
    * Salmon season canceled
    * Widow’s walk
    * Hillman, Trembley have mutual respect
    * Pronk unsure whether he\’ll flash leather

    I can understand trying to find related posts on your own blog and coming up short, but to link to a news site with completely unrelated stuff? Why?!

  2. @George,

    I do know that and I did have a qualified driver with a valid Indian license in the car. I do not have the LLR though 😛

    The possibly related posts is a wordpress (dot com) feature. I am in no way involved with that. To even think I’d do something like that. How could you ?

    I thought people would know of the new wordpress developments ?

  3. Then turn off the feature. It is ridiculous. Would make sense if those were related posts of yours.

    Good luck driving on city roads. Difficult and scary.

  4. Must be their way of doing ads, Marc, in which case he can’t turn them off. Weird stuff.

    Karthik, things aren’t the same when you host your own installation.

  5. @Marc,

    I do not know if it can be turned off. I’ll check it and see what can be done.

    As for driving on city roads, I just need someone else’s car. So, do you have a car ?


    It has nothing to do with advertisements. (IMHO) It’s just that they genuinely want to link to related posts and the system fails every once in a while. Not a big deal if you ask me.

    George, I know. That’s why you will see I have mentioned (dot com) in the comment.

  6. Phew! In my case i got one idiot instructor, who taught so well that i stopped going to driving class within a week 🙂 . The problem is he loses his temper too often and makes me go mad.

    I got my LLR, went for class for one week. Then before i could look for another driving school, our project work came and everything got doomed. Now my LLR period got over 😦

  7. I think some girl (may be even a guy/gay) will become horny reading this post, before knowing that you are talking about you driving 😆

    Superb writing skill!!!

  8. I have license but I still don’t know how to drive a car well in a crowded place mainly because 20 days of class is not enough for someone to master car driving and that too just 5km drive per day. Anyway I hope you get license soon dude!!

  9. @Rachel,

    All instructors (or most at least) are idiots. They shouldn’t be teaching on open roads to start with. It puts too much pressure on the learner. Plus they are responsible for the cars. So they are always under tension. 🙂

    So you have to reapply. You should read my latest post before you attempt to do that.


    Ok, we’ll use old wheels.


    Really ? 😛 Thanks.


    It takes practice. Plus you need to lose fear. That they do not allow. I will get only LLR now. I shall get the actual licence later.

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