Microsoft Reader

Before people get started on Microsoft bashing and all that, (which you can do later. I won’t object) I would like to declare that I am not endorsing this product or anything. Just writing about it.

I came across a e-book that was in .lit format. I didn’t know of a .lit format or of the Microsoft Reader till then. I said to myself, that I might as well check out how good this ebook is considering it is only 200 odd KB. (Well, compare that with e-books in pdf format which occupy a few MB normally.)

To my surprise, the .lit format is pretty good. It is easy on the eyes and the page layout looks exactly like the book. What’s more if you had a mobile phone running Windows Mobile, you could read these books on your phone. Nice isn’t it ?

You should check it out for yourself.

Download this book and rename the file extension to .lit


You may obtain the Microsoft reader from here,


You can read about it, here.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft Reader

  1. It says ‘with Cleartype’. I’m no expert, is that the same font smoothing that’s used in Vista? I love the font smoothing in Vista. It looks beautiful (not ‘compared to’ anything, just on its own). I just want to keep looking at the text on my desktop.

  2. @George,

    Yes. It is the same I guess. The fonts look great on the e books. I reverted to XP on another hard disk (the Vista one is still there on another hard disk and shall be reinstated soon. I needed XP for some development.) and felt like puking on looking at the fonts.

  3. I know that, Marc. But for some reason, things look better on Vista. Or maybe it’s because Cleartype looks great on LCDs and not so good on CRTs or something like that, because I have Vista and there’s XP on the home desktop.

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