BIGFlix Advertisement

This advertisement is really funny. First we have this guy making fun of Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya (which is a movie one should never watch in his/her lifetime. Hence it deserves all the ridicule one can manage to make of it) The matrix impersonation with a stuffed toy is lame. However the end Dard-E-Disco is again funny. This time over, they poke fun at Shah Rukh Khan and his movie Om Shanti Om. Worth a watch.

BIGFlix is owned by Anil Ambani. So yet another Reliance product. Big Bucks or Big flicks ? Who cares, we have p2p. 🙂


17 thoughts on “BIGFlix Advertisement

  1. @Selerines,

    What ? That’s a blot on Indian culture. How can they broadcast such an advertisement ? They should be …should be…should be..


    That I wasn’t using Internet Explorer when I posted that causes you even more embarrassment. The browser I used does have spell check. 🙂 So much for you know all tone.

    And that was a typo, which has now been set right.

  2. Dai Ghubhaa…you saw only gal’s reaction on her face or…… 😉


    Wait for some time for an issue against this ad man or maybe they’ll stop telecasting, who knows? 🙂

  3. You use Vista and you are a known Microcrap fanboy. So it was only natural to assume you were using IE. So this BigFlix thing is only Hindi movies?

  4. @Rachel,

    There were other reactions ?

    Only if the politicians get bored.


    Yet another wrong assumption. I was (and will later on) using Vista. You know what they say about assumptions. 🙂

    No idea. You could check out their website.

  5. @Karthik : Hello!!!! I am not a politician…. I am one of the student who is trying to get a new revolution in future…. But not that much bad dude….

    @Rachel : Hoi…. That’s secret. I can’t tell it here… Please don’t ask me about that here.. I am feeling too shy you know!!!!

  6. @Karthik
    Selerines seems to get me. hmm…not reactions really, you watch the video again you’ll get what i am talking about, if you don’t get just ignore it 😀

  7. @Selerines,

    I do not think you read the comment properly. I was responding to Rachel’s observations.

    We know you are not a politician. You are not affiliated to a party, just like you don’t have a registered company.

    I don’t think theres any secret there. The advertisement is for the whole world to see. And we know exactly what you were looking for. Perv. 😉


    I do kinda get what you are talking about. Thanks for not being elaborate on it.


    Try what ?

  8. @Rachel & Karthik : Ya fine… I have not read the comment properly.. I thought that Rachel was telling it to me. “You watch the video again you’ll get what i am talking about”, from this sentence only i got confused….

  9. Hi Marc,

    BIGFlix, has a broadband website VOD which has all Indian content in 15 languages for free streaming and download to own and download to rent as well…. With regards to the Indian market it is Video Rentals where there are movies across 15 languages…. BIGFlix has 50 + stores in India and olan to have more tahn 200 by mar 09.

    Latest movies, international TV serials, documentaries, plays, musi videos, kids, mythology etc…etc… 15000 titles…


    NDTV IMagine’s Ramayan for the first time on a broadband platform on BIGFlix for free streaming or download to own for $ 1.49 every episode only.

  10. @Pallavi,

    Thanks for all that information.


    🙂 I am sure with a bit of net searching, you should be able to find out. But I don’t see why you think she is all that amazing.

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