More Indians ?

No no need to be alarmed about the Indian population. (Well, not from the title of the post at least.) This is about Natives or Native Americans. Red Indians perhaps ?

I was flipping through TV channels a couple of days back and I saw photos of tribals and the news went on to announce how a new tribe had been found somewhere in the Amazon. (not the website, silly πŸ™‚ ) It was intriguing because this is the kind of stuff you read only in fiction.

Anyway, I got hold of a couple of snaps


The men are the figures in red dye and the black figure is supposed to be a woman. Whether these people are also cannibalistic is unknown.

There are a great many implications of finding a tribe. Sooner than later someone is going to go after these people and kill them by offering them Coke or something. They will try and westernize these tribals and teach them English alphabets. I say leave them alone.

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11 thoughts on “More Indians ?

  1. If it’s unknown that they’re cannibalistic, why mention it? Whether they’ve been visited by aliens is also unknown. That’s a weird thing to say.

  2. Yes, saw it in the Hindu. Quite interesting. Such tribes are also here in India, in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Untouched by the outside world. They were spotted during the Tsunami.

  3. I was wondering how Srividya’s comment appears to be the first. Now, I know.


    I was in The Hindu ? Man, I need to read the paper. πŸ™‚ Trouble is I get up so late that the previous days news doesn’t matter any longer.

    Regarding the Andaman tribes, you are correct. I remember reading it somewhere a while back.

    What’s amazing is if we can spot people who are oblivious to our existence and vice-versa even in this age, think of the non-living stuff that hasn’t been discovered or explored yet. Mind boggling.

  4. @Shiva,

    Typo. πŸ™‚ I wasn’t in the Hindu. So no treat. Anyway you people still have a few treats pending.
    You have at least three including your birthday, Madhu anna still has his birthday treat left. So no talks of treat.



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