Expeditions and Trekking

Adventure Trips:

If you are the adventurous type that can never get enough sitting indoors and doing your daily chores, then you must make efforts to try and get closer to nature. While traveling and sight seeing are equally good alternatives, nothing beats trekking and mountaineering. Last month me and some of my friends had gone on a trip to a coastal area nearby and it was a wonderful and refreshing experience. In spite of some of the difficulties involved in travel, the trip was worth the trouble and we felt rejuvenated.

Difficulties in planning:

So we planned another trip this month. When we were making travel plans, we found out that it was extremely difficult to find information about many things such as:

  • Mode of travel.
  • Accommodation.
  • Food arrangements.
  • Other information such as expected weather, known local risks…etc

Unless you have already been to the place in question or happen to know someone, it is very difficult to find the information you want. Even then, things might have changed from the last time you or the other person went there.


Generally, me and my friends take the following approach when we plan out trips and so far, it has always been successful.

  1. First we make plans as to where we want to go and what we plan to do there
  2. That is followed by preliminary information collection such as how far this place is, what are the modes of transport available, how long it will take to go and come back…etc
  3. This is followed by secondary information collection such as availability of accommodation nearby, cost of accommodation, etc. Also we find out the places of interest in and around the place by scouting other people’s blogs and other websites which are dedicated to this.
  4. Now that we have a fair idea as to what we want to do and how we are going to do it, we make a budget allowing for all expenses and also some emergency fund.
  5. In case the travel involves going abroad, then we need to make sure that we have the necessary documents such as Passports and Visas in hand and hence we need to apply for them before hand.
  6. This is followed by making reservations for travel tickets and also hotels. When it comes to hotels and comparing hotel prices, it can be a challenge. Which is why, using a tool like Hotels Combined makes the whole process much easier. You can find hotels in major Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, Jaipur and Mumbai. It’s basically a comparison website which searches for hotel reservations all over the world. They also offer the lowest prices. Transactions with them are also safe.
  7. Then we make the trip and make minor changes to plans we had already made taking into account the local conditions. This is done on the fly and your plan needs to be flexible to make room for changes.

Although, you might not always visit a major city, facilities are mostly not available in smaller places. This necessitates that you camp at a city in some hotel and then finish the travel in the nearby areas before moving to the next city.

Bon voyage.


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