A Few Dead Rubbers, Two Damp Squibs and a Humdinger of a Final

Oh, yeah. It’s the IPL T20 I am talking about.

The last of the few matches involving already qualified teams which made no difference to them was pretty boring actually.

I was rooting for Mumbai Indians to go into the semifinals and was actually not sure whether it should be at the expense of Chennai Super Kings or Kings XI Punjab. I finally decided that I do like Chennai after all (the city) and hence will support it. (Finally.) But then Mumbai didn’t qualify and Kings XI won a lucky match vs Delhi with rain God favoring them.

So we are into the semifinals stage and now I am supporting Kings XI and Delhi Daredevils (Obviously). (I left Chennai out in the cold again. Even vs Kings XI. The equations are hard to explain) However the point is, both the teams I supported lost. What was worse was, both matches were highly one sided. No-contests basically.

The stage is set for the big final (I say stage because it my have been scripted for all you know.) Now, I am supporting Chennai simply because Delhi lost to Rajasthan and Chennai is my home town after all. ( as of now atleast) And true to my prediction, Chennai lost. This time atleast the match was close and went to the final ball. I blame Raina for dropping Yusuf Pathan on 13. Idiotic Raina. Stupid stupid stupid.


6 thoughts on “A Few Dead Rubbers, Two Damp Squibs and a Humdinger of a Final

  1. Ya that dropped catch is entirely changed the match.. That day is Yusuf’s day.. Three priceless wickets, three dropped catches, two run out chances and so on….. Any way my wishes to Rajasthan Royals…. Too disappointed…..

  2. @Selerines,

    I will relay your wishes to the Royals. 🙂


    Had any ?


    Ah, Ragha has infiltrated my blog too. I am happy yet scared.

  3. @George,

    That was slightly harsh of the umpire to give that a wide. But the cricket favors batsmen.

    If only you have poured out the beer for Sohail Tanveer, it might have helped.

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