Worst Advertisements-Video Found

A While back, I wrote on Worst Advertisements on TV. I was too lazy to find out some videos the other day. Seems like the Coke advertisement has been around for a while. Here it is:

The background score is different in the TV commercial. The current TV commercial also edits out certain parts of this commercial. But, how lame does it look ? If they expect is to swing the bottle over our heads the next time before having Coca Cola, let me assure you, I ain’t having any.

Actually, when it comes to India, Pepsi has always made more innovative advertisements compared to Coca Cola. Coca Cola comes up with the lamest of advertisements.

The Godrej Video, I still can’t find. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Worst Advertisements-Video Found

  1. I thought Coca-Cola ad was good. Actually, better than the whole ‘youngistan’ thingy.
    Be sensible, Ranbir+Deepika+Khan wasnt good.

    Another ad which I liked was the Bajaj XCD 125. I lov’d the casting of the ad, the attitude of the actors and the script. I’m talkin about “kitne mein liya” “40 thousand, only (with a shurg !)”


  2. @Srividya,

    It’s not funny. It’s sad and pathetic!! If they think youngsters will copy crap like this, then they are just losers. (But you never know what the definition of cool is these days. 🙂 )

    You don’t watch TV. So only natural that you haven’t seen it on TV.


    You think this advertisement is good ? You must be right. I see everyday people dancing with coca cola bottles inside restaurants and other people following suit instead of getting annoyed.

    The youngistan ad was creative at least. I don’t see why their real life characters should interfere with the perception of the advertisement.

    Bajaj XCD ad was alright. We knew what was coming all along though. The Pulsar ad is in a class of it’s own though.

  3. I think the entire concept of aerated drinks is stupid. Water, carbon dioxide and artificial flavouring. Why go insane over it?

  4. @Srividya,

    Nothing really. 🙂


    Good point. I am not against aerated drinks (when had in small quantity and once in a while.) But whoever on earth does that after having soft drinks ? This must have been some alcoholic advertisement. Vijay Mallya should take note and then have Katrina Kaif do the same.

  5. @Srividya,

    Not really. But if it makes you happy, you may assume that. Most of what I say is meaningless anyway.

    You seem to be a very bold person too. Now don’t ask me what makes me think so. 😀


    Get a Tivo.


    OK ? Are you out of your senses ? What makes you think this advertisement is ok ??

  6. You don’t watch TV. So only natural that you haven’t seen it on TV.

    That is a statement. Like you know it to be a fact, which is not the case.

    You seem to be a very bold person too.

    I wont ask you why you think so. It is your opinion.It may or may not be true.

    Okay, enough of boring you.

  7. @Marc,

    But a TV tuner card and sit and record stuff. When you have the advertisements edited out and after encoding it with DivX, do lend it to me. 🙂

  8. @Marc,

    I do. 🙂 You may now record the TV shows ,encode them and give them to karthik.

    I tried converting a movie to Divx once. It took me 8 hours I think at the end of which the audio and video didn’t synchronize. I gave it up back then.

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