Vodafone Advertisements

Vodafone makes some good advertisements and some bad advertisements. The worst Vodafone advertisements however are the ones that have Irfan Khan in them. If there is one person who puts Indian Newsreadres’ intellect to shame, it has to be this guy.

Now, The advertisement I am talking about is not yet available on You tube. It’s the one that talks about how how when you have sisters in two cities, you talk less to the sister to whom you have to make STD calls. Bravo, bravo. It ends with a sentimental, Local or STD, a sister is a sister.

All wonderfully done. Just like stupid Indian movies. Now lets look at it logically.

  • Vodafone charges 1 Rupee for every call you make per minute inside India. Nice. So they are trying to enforce equality and all that.
  • I know the scheme makes sense to people who make a lot of STD calls. (But then there’s Skype these days for those of you who have computers. Otherwise, if you are really keen on making STD calls, there’s Reliance. 😀 )
  • Now, coming to whether the scheme makes sense, how many sisters do you have ? One, Two ? Three at the most ? Actually, forget that. How many of those sisters live in another state in India but not in another country ? (I know of cases where more siblings live abroad than in other states.)
  • How many of you actually make more STD calls than Local calls ? (No, missed calls don’t count.)
  • Now, I have a scheme under which I can make calls to three numbers inside TN (Vodafone) for 10 Paise per minute. Which means, I can talk ten minutes for the same one Rupee I’d be paying per minute if I made a local call under the aforementioned scheme.
  • Now, I know lots of people would like to argue that you make quite a few STD calls, but believe me, statistically it can be proved (George can maybe help me with it 🙂 ) that you are more likely to discuss what you want to do over the weekend more often than what you want to do next year during holidays. You will be discussing local train timings more than you will be discussing about making a trip to your relatives house.
  • Now, why would I want to change to this 1 Rupee scheme when am actually better off with my current scheme ? 

Vodafone, stop making fools of people even if they are willing to be fooled. 🙂 You know I am actually happy with such advertisements. You know why ? Because it makes me feel good about myself. All those supposedly creative people who said “Engineering is for losers”, come up with loser advertisements like this themselves. So bad that all it takes is an Engineer to realise that the guy who did the advertisement forgot his creativity somewhere and is still searching for it. I feel good about myself. 🙂 About being an Engineer.

Here is one Irfan Khan Vodafone advertisement:


This is the 99 Rupee per month scheme I accidentally recharged with. And I ended uo spending more than 200 Rupees for the  month anyway. At least, I didn’t look at the advertisement before recharging with thhe scheme. That would have been adding insult to injury.

In this advertisement, according to Irfan Khan,

A new movie releases, we end up spending 200 rupees.

Wrong!! I almost never watch movies in theatres and even if I do, I never spend 200 rupees for a movie. Ever heard of torrents mate ?

Tea and water costs you more than 100 Rupees these days.

What ? How many litres did you have ?

To end it, he asks the hotelier the bill, to which he replies, 155 Rupees. What ? How ? You can have a decent meal in a decent restaurant for that much. If you eat in places George does, maybe for a week. 🙂

On the other hand, I thought the advertisement with the Credit was actually pretty good. (No doubt it’s just another scheme to make more money by fooling you. But at least it’s creatively good.)

7 thoughts on “Vodafone Advertisements

  1. @Marc,

    No jabs at Geroge at all. Just wishing I get help from a budding mathematician 😉

    Yeah, instant messenger makes sense. If you have a computer with an unlimited internet plan, then you might as well talk.

  2. @Gokul,

    yes, but the actual advertisement has some dumb background anyway. Jashn Mana Le.


    Bankrupt. Unreasonable Charges. Can’t talk. Yes, but not with unlimited internet connection. I doubt if you will be allowed to use skype. 😀

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