IPL:Is The Microphone Switched On ?


iplt20.com offered free commentary of IPL cricket matched until a few days back, when they decided to make it a paid service. I prefer sitting on my computer and listening to the commentary on my earphones while I do something else.

What’s funny with this live commentary is, they forget to mute the microphone in between overs. It’s really funny. 🙂 Seriously!! Between overs, you will hear Ravi Shasthri saying “I am going out.” and then “Yes, he is outside the commentary box.” And then he would cough a little. 🙂 There would be laughter once in a while. Poor guys. They are not meant to be heard. What if he was sharing his phone number with someone ?

Shabby editors. I don’t know if they didn’t notice it or being Indians, they noticed it and said “Heck, who cares. Let them be heard.” Either way, it’s really sad because it shows the lack of professionalism on the part of the organisers. At least they should have let these guys know that they were audible all over the Internet.

I wanted to record the commentary in between overs and put it on You tube or something. But, poor guys. They were just doing their job and someone else wasn’t. They shouldn’t be paying the price for that. 🙂 (See, I am a nice guy.)


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