Book Review:The 3 Mistakes of My Life

Yet another Chetan Bhagat book. I thought Five Point Someone and One Night At A Call Centre were pretty alright. Nothing great, but readable at least. So, I did not have any expectations when I set out to read this book. (Actually I didn’t even know there was a third book by him till my dad bought it. 😛  So much for my quizzing claims)


I won’t bore you about the contents of the books itself, but if you ask me, Chetan Bhagat is doing what his characters are doing in the movie. Making use of the Cricket Craze in India to make money. 🙂 Maybe I am being harsh on him, but that’s the truth. Nothing wrong with it though.

It’s not that hard to write a book that has Cricket as it’s central theme. But still, credit must be given to Bhagat for having made it readable.

Cricket Specific Things:

The Australia’s tour of India when Harbhajan Singh emerged on scene has been blended into the story. Ganguly and his captaincy find mention.

One of the things I noticed was Sadagoppan Ramesh and VVS Laxman being thought of as quota players or players who have some influence and made it to the team. While I have nothing against the writer for writing that, that’s actually how North Indians think of South Indian players. They can’t speak Hindi after all. And if you are a vegetarian, there goes your only chance.

While S Ramesh might not have been the best player in his day, he was definitely a good player who deserved a place in the playing XI at least in the longer format of the game. (Test, not ODI. Too much T20 influence I say)

The same can be said of Laxman. One of the better Test players India has seen.

Gujrat Quake and Riots:

Bhagat has done some research in this book and woven real life incidents with fiction. That’s nice. In a way, the reader (especially if from those parts), relates to the book. More than the quakes, the riots and the Godhra incident are woven in.

BJP VS Congress ?:

There is no mention of the Party names itself in the book, but you can’t help wondering the similarity given the events and other such things. If that’s the case, I must say Bhagat is Pro-Congress. 🙂 Whether he is interested in entering Politics, you should ask him. Lok Paritran maybe ? 😀

Product Placement-Frooti:

There were innumerable mentions of Frooti in the book. While, it might be coincidence or Bhagat’s favourite drink, I think it’s a case of product placement. When you notice a product in a book or a movie more times than you should, chances are it’s roduct placement. He must have gotten a decent sum for it. (For people who don’t know what product placement is, it’s when Shah Rukh Khan wears a Tag Heur in his movies and gets paid for it. 🙂 )

Other Things:

There are a few other things I would have liked to discuss, but then maybe you should read the book. But if I had to hint, I wish I could teach tuitions too and visit Bondi beach. 😉

19 thoughts on “Book Review:The 3 Mistakes of My Life

  1. The one book he wrote that I partly enjoyed reading was that IIT book. The call centre book was puerile, immature and just bad. I regret having picked it up.

  2. @Srividya,

    I make even interesting topics boring. It’s just an intrinsic ability. 🙂 You shouldn’t think the book is boring from my description alone. You should read it and arrive at that decision yourself. 😉

    He sticks to his simple style of writing in this book as well.


    I am surprised.


    His books shouldn’t be taken seriously. Don’t compare it with good books. It’s more like a contribution to some childrens’ magazine, only he has his own publisher. But then you are also paying less for his books.

  3. His ‘One night at the call center’ was pathetic. The whole story and particularly the ending was a total Bollywood movie rip off.

  4. What are you talking guys! You dont like Chetan Bhagat? I think you are all trying to just show off that you all are great readers! Huh! phuleeze! Bhagat is one of the most loved contemporary writers in India. His TG is not the likes of you! Pretending to be well read and hi-fi readers! He targets the youth! ooh! You guys might be old… ooooh! Then its fine you not liking him.. BTW, if you guys dint like him why did you read his 3rd book after reading “5 point someone” or “1 Night @ a call centre”??. Stop pretending. If you dont like him stop reading his books and for God’s sake! Stop commenting crap and discouraging others to read him as well.

    I love his books and everybody I have come across loves it too! Dont know why are these guys here so biased against him. He is not the best but ofcourse he is one of the assets India has today. He is not a serious writer but if you guys wanna relive your youth you must read him. I read it in one night cauz I couldnt stop myself from reading once I started. And let me tell you Im a English Literature graduate so I have read all kind of novels. Chetan Bhagat is the writer for the young generations who doesnt write serious stuff but writes to entertain us and he succeeds all the time!

  5. i sorta agree with shikha….the book is good… although i did expect more!
    and it is true, all his book are really bollywoodish. i can actually see the books turning into movies.

    the book is really simple and realistic. A good summer timepass!

    But hats off to “Chetan Bhagat” style of narration, making it a page turner; after all “he is one of the most loved contemporary writers in India”.

    for now cant wait to watch that movie ‘hello’ they are making starring amir khan

  6. Hi Chethan,

    I have read your 3 books except 5 point someone. Its good. I was not a reader because of your book i started reading.Its my team lead who gave me the book.

    Thanks to you……………………

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