June Seems A Little Too Early

A while back, we were discussing on the same thing. Only, I thought December (or Later) is Definitely Bad

While that might be true, June does seem a little too early. I have stuff to do. Not only the enjoy the vacation part, but also the stuff that my employer requires me to do. I don’t have a driving licence yet, I haven’t applied for the passport yet and there’s this NASSCOM registration which I haven’t even bothered to read up on. So you can clearly see why I am freaking out a little.

Infosys finally decided to call our batch to join training on the 23rd of June. Marc came to know first (even if he wasn’t the first to get the mail from our college. I ain’t letting you have the bragging rights man.) and we all thought he was lying about it anyway. 🙂 But then it is true he checks mail more often than the people whom I had to call to notify that ‘the mail’ had come.

If I have reason to freak out, let me assure you other have more reasons. 🙂 How ?

This is how:

1) Home sick and all that is out of question for me. I was in boarding school as early as the 6th grade.

2) I ate in my college mess for 4 years. For anyone to serve food equally bad is quite hard and worse I think is simply out of the equation.

The other reasons, I cannot state without sounding a like I am showing off. 🙂 I’d like to avoid that.

So we have another 20 odd days to prepare ourselves to be trained intensively. I am quite looking forward to that actually. We will know in due course how it all goes.

9 thoughts on “June Seems A Little Too Early

  1. @Srividya,

    You know, I haven’t applied for a Learners licence yet. It takes one month minimum from the date of issue of LLR for us to be able to get the driving licence. There’s no way I can get it now. They said one month in advance!! This is less than a month.

    I think you can defer joining. I had one of my relatives who did. But then you’d have to have a valid reasonand they can assign you to any of the next batches.

  2. Licence is not compulsory. It is clearly stated in the DOJ email.

    Four-wheeler driving license (if already obtained)

    You don’t have your passport either?That seems compulsory.

    And, if I may ask, what reason did your relative give for deferring?Medical grounds?

    Cos, I have my Visa interview on July 1st week and only if it does not come through I intend to join Infy.

  3. @Srividya,

    Passport seems compulsory ? I don’t think so. You just need to have applied for it. And I sure would have by then.

    Both Driving licence and passport are not compulsory, but then when they say you are required to have it, it’s better to have it. If you don’t, it doesnt really matter. But they wouldn’t want us thinking that.

    I don’t really know what grounds. I never ask. Just nod along. 🙂

    If you don’t defer your joining, maybe you can join and then make some excuse to come attend your Visa interview. Then you check if you make it. Then flunk a few tests at Infy. And pronto, you are through. 🙂 (I wouldn’t listen to my own suggestions if I were you and I am sure nor will you.)

  4. June is too early and you can get licence in a month. I got it in less than a month dude!! I went for driving class. Got the LLR in the first place and then went for licence test exactly after finishing my driving class which was for 22 days.

  5. @Vinod,

    When I make statements like “I hate people who would bend laws to get things done,” , you should know that I do not believe in breaking them. I am not a hypocrite. (Majority of the time at least)

    FYI, license is not issued till after 30 days from the date of issue of LLR.

    I do not wish to get the license in less than 30 days. I can get it through proper channel without having to bribe people and pay off driving school idiots. If you did so, then I will hold this against you for future discussions to come. Especially when you say, India sucks. 😉

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