I’m B(l)ack

Bad news guys. After almost a week after staying away from the blog, I am back. Sorry for all of you who thought and expected the break to last longer. If any consolation, I shall be writing lesser crap now. So cheer up. πŸ™‚

Done with Engineering:

What prompted me to write the post is that I am finally done with Engineering. Can you believe it ? I can’t. My performance in the last semester has been abysmal. That was only expected, with me spending most of my time on the project (which seemed meaningful except, we were evaluated for 20 marks!! Everyone gets a 180 irrespective of what they did or did not do. Sad) A couple of my friends (from other departments) managed to get 200. I am happy for them and sad for myself. I was left three bloody marks short. But then I have reasons to feel good. After all Shiva (the God of coding πŸ˜‰ ) got only 195 or so, while his batch mates form other departments got 200.

Evaluation (or the lack of it):

I don’t think they even evaluated our papers. To back this claim, first, I passed the exams!! Second, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a 90 plus in all subjects (except me.)Β and third, no one in my class who didn’t have any arrears at the end of seventh semester flunked. I think the AU people just threw papers into pre-marked mark zones with a blindfold on.

No, matter what, I am Engineer now. And what’s more ? I got thorugh without any arrears in the 8 semesters, Which means I also pass with distinction. πŸ™‚ Nice. Now to bigger and better things in life.

13 thoughts on “I’m B(l)ack

  1. Cool champ….. Don’t worry about the marks… Even though it payed you now, it will surely pay you in the future.. I meant Hard work there!!!! I am happy to say that me too got distinction…..

  2. @Sivakumar,

    You got 200 too didn’t you ? So that’s 3 people I know now. πŸ™‚ Nice. Congrats. I am not really bothered about the marks. I don’t see how it payed me now ? And how it will pay me in the future either πŸ˜€

    Congrats on your distinction too. Not that it comes as a surprise.

  3. @Sivakumar,



    It’s not as awesome as you think, but I am glad nevertheless. Mainly because of all the semesters, I didn’t want to flunk the 8th semester. It would have been disastrous.


    Well, I am definitely no pillar and I am sure loads of other people got distinction too. You just need to have had no arrears. No such a big deal, looking back. πŸ˜‰

    And the A word is forbidden on my blog. I shall be adding it to the blacklist shortly.

  4. You two are the greatest students of A*** and are pillars of A*** because you two got the distinction See who is saying that??? Too funny….. Dai ROFL guy…… Too over for you….

  5. Congrats! Karthik. I think we should be happy that for first time ever this AU have evaluated our papers well, coz we all got through, Oops…sorry i got through ( i forgot your one champ boy πŸ˜† )

  6. @Rachel,

    Thanks. I am not happy. I got pretty bad marks. For someone in the 8th semester, the marks have been pathetic.


    minus 10. ALmost everybody in my class scored better than me. I think there are reasons, but what the heck, it’s done with.


    That would be College of Engineering,Guindy. Now AIHT ? Dude, we could murder you for spreading false propaganda about the college you know. Most guys are furious.


    Administer. Correct. Suck. Even More Correct.

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