IPL:Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings

I am supporting: Kolkatta even if Shah Rukh Khan is unbearable. Seriously. I hate Dhoni more than Shah rukh. So, I guess KKR.

10 thoughts on “IPL:Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings

  1. I knew they will lose. KKKR lost their main batsmen who are touring other countries now for their nation.
    @ Hari and Karthik
    Why you both hate Dhoni?

  2. y u dont like dhoni, i think he is good.one thing u understand, he took the captaincy when no one had the guts to accept after our poor performance in the world cup. even though he is irritating at times, but overall his way of approaching things is good.

  3. @Vivek,

    The closest that came to was in the Mumbai-Kings XI match.Sadly, Mumbai couldn’t manage 1 run of 1 ball!! Idiots


    Welcome to the club.


    Thank God for that. That’s some pride there for Dravid. Dhoni should go down.


    I have my reasons. That’s not true. There was(always is) politics. It wasn’t as if no one else would have taken captaincy. He just gets lucky.

  4. politics is there, but realy both tendulkar and ganguly arent ready to accept the captaincy, both told no and they were afraid. dhoni’s moves have worked so far, so no have rights to complain about him.

  5. @Bharath,

    Don’t go about making claims like that. 🙂 They sound silly really. Ganguly and Tendulkar were afraid ? No way. There are a lot of things that have to be considered.

    Dhoni has a good team with him. Probably the best so far. (I am not talking about T20. He deserves credit for that.) Indian cricket is seeing improvement.

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