Project O2 and A Break From Blogging

Mourn Identity:

So, turns out I didn’t make the ISRO test. That kinda hit me hard. I am still trying to come to terms with it. I don’t know about the job, but it would have felt nice just to have cleared the test. But that didn’t happen. So now, instead I have to feel like shit. I know I am no Electronics God, but I know my basics and I can work out problems. I sure was rusty when I attended the test, having put no preparation in and that’s my fault. (It can attributed to a few other reasons too, but that’s not nice. It’s better to just accept it that you failed yourself.) What this also means is that I might have to now take up my Software job. 😦 The one last straw of hope I was clinging on to, is gone. That’s depressing isn’t it ? 😦

Project O2: (Which has nothing to do either with ISRO or O2 for that matter) 

Anyway, I have been given a project to work on. At least something to cheer about. It’s nothing great, but if I have to make it fully functional, I’ll have to work on it a bit. (Maybe not as much as my Final Year Project, but considerable amount of work.) The best thing is, I might get paid a token amount if I complete it properly and on time. So, I am trying to keep myself in better spirits.

Break (No, not the Big Break!!)

That means except for the IPL posts which I have time stamped (just one line dumb posts), I don’t plan to blog for a while now. I would like to kick myself instead for being an a-hole and not doing my test well. So much for my Rocket Scientist dreams. Damn it!!


6 thoughts on “Project O2 and A Break From Blogging

  1. Hey, join the club. I didn’t make ISI either. And I didn’t study either.

    You know how it is with these things, there’s very few openings, so on that day if a few people are better than you it goes against you. It’s greatly to your credit that you got that far anyway.

  2. Congrats! Karthik. If any doubt you can contact Gubhaai a.k.a Selerines a.k.a Siva coz we all know he’s one hurricane dude 😀 last Selerines wrote you name right this time 😉 where he usually writes it as KarTIK 😆

  3. @George,

    Thanks for the support. 🙂 Statistically speaking, yes. 🙂


    Carry on with what ?


    I am scared of hurricanes. Even normal canes for that matter. 🙂 I am honored that Sivakumar spelt my name right finally. He must have sympathised.


    You wanted to be in ISI ? Seriously ?

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