Mumbai Indians Hex& Decimate CSK


Sanath Jayasurya finally got into the groove and came to the party. I suspect it had to do with Sachin being back in the side. Just the confidence you get when Sachin is batting at the other end, something Sanath himself openly accepted in the post match presentation.

Sachin might not have contributed much with the bat and may not have done anything extraordinary. But just having him back in the side gives them a boost. 😉

Dhoni was trying to sound demoralised, but then the CSK lot are, and badly at that. While Mumbai have won their 4th game, Delhi lost their 4th straight game against Kolkata. 😦 Damn you Delhi. You have two guys opening for you who are the tournaments highest run getters and yet you lose 4 in a row. Unbelievable shit.


6 thoughts on “Mumbai Indians Hex& Decimate CSK

  1. oh..tat’s bcos his wife complained tat he was playing too much cricket and tat he din give her much attention.

  2. Credit must be given to sachin for his captaincy.He woke the beast in Jayasuriya by not giving him the customary 2over spell,where he gets hit all round the park.I’m sure had Bhajji or Pollock been the captain wouldn’t ve done that.SO Sanath’s job was cutoff and he had to fire.Gladly, he did and got Jr.Ambani dancing despite his size:-)

  3. @Rachel,

    He had an injury. As much as he wants to play and others want him to play, it’s a risk not worth taking.


    I know we all like to vent our anger, but cut him some slack. 🙂


    Welcome to my blog. Correct. Sachin did a good job. Bhajji is the worst captain ever. 🙂

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    I am wondering why you would sign your comment one name and give another name in the name column. Also, did this have anything to do with the post at all ?

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