Envelope Full of Air

Thanks to my bro for showing me this video. It’s awesome.


12 thoughts on “Envelope Full of Air

  1. You have to know the hype behind the MacBook Air to really understand the video.

    Macs are overpriced crap. And they lock you in to the hardware vendor. They’re the hardware Microsoft!

  2. @George,

    If only all of us had your foresight 🙂 and brilliance. Forward dynamic estimation skills.


    You had to wait till there to enjoy it ? No way.


    Oh yes sir. If you say so.

    Guess it’s meant only for the legally blondes. 🙂 (Oh, wait, that makes perfect sense.)

    So, who’s more evil ?

  3. Microsoft is obviously. Apple also is but they have their retarded fanboys supporting them. Just wait, some idiot will come and comment that Macs are amazing and so on.

  4. Redundancy, Marcus of Zephyrin, will save us in the long run. With a giant parallel processing mind, we can handle anything, we could save the world. Or destroy it.

  5. @Amog,

    Yea, but who are you kidding ? Why would you want an optical drive when all you can do with your mac is work on your taxes anyway ? 😀

    @Ban Mido,

    Are you Vinod by any chance ? 🙂

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