Indian English-Part 03

Yet another contribution from Gokul. Much thanks to him 😉

Funny Stuff

Wow. Learning English should be made Mandatury.


7 thoughts on “Indian English-Part 03

  1. Hari, let me make a totally wild guess and say that the picture was probably sent to Karthik by Gokul who is incidentally mentioned in the post as the contributor.

  2. @Marc
    I guess Hari is asking the place and not the person. am i right Hari? Hari if your asking the person means then ROFL man.

  3. @Hari,

    It was sent to me by Gokul (a friend of mine), who shot it in his college.


    Good guess.


    Wai wai.


    The place would be Gokul’s college. (Which I don’t want to menion.)

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