Indian English-Part I

After completing today’s ISRO Scientist Entry Test (which I am sure to flunk), I was walking back home from Thriuvanmiyur Signal. (The one between Bus Depot and RTO) and I saw this poster. How we Indians kill English. 🙂

Byeing and Selling

Ness Wadia (and hence Preity Zinta too 😉 )sure has reasons to be happy about. Bombay Dyeing is creating quite an impact on Indians.

Oh, the numbers are blanked out because I don’t want to be flooded with comments saying “I want a house in Adyar, Thiruvamniyur Area. Can you please SEND ?” No, don’t!! I am not a house broker.


15 thoughts on “Indian English-Part I

  1. Apartment Flats, hmm…nice new words. So now onwards if somebody asks me where you reside, i would say in that apartment flats 😉

  2. @Rachel,

    You didn’t get it actually, but it’s alright. 🙂


    Yes when I want to say farewell to my current house, ill sell it and then bye it. 🙂 But what if I want a new house ?

  3. @Amog,

    This is Chennai. People have the money. The day a housing project is announced, all the houses are booked in the next 24 hours. 🙂


    Ah, that’s ok. But you should learn to read between lines. Literally. 🙂 Apartment flats is an interesting angle in itself as opposed to those flat apartments we live in. 🙂


    Yes. I can sujjust the house you are living in currently. Or if you want to shift, you can come to my place. My house owner is demanding 10k per month from next month onwards. We are currently paying 6.5k. (for a two bedroom flat) 😦

  4. Dear sir,
    We are allredy paying Rs. 10000 as rent for our two bedroom house and wife is beeting me daily. So only we want new house. Can we able to take u r house?

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha, oh shit, ha ha ha. I’m sorry this doesn’t contribute to the discussion but “blunder mistake” is a fucking awesome phrase. Blunder mistake. Ha ha ha.

  6. @George,

    It may sound hilarious. Only because you haven’t heard people making use of it. It’s everyday usage really. 🙂 Things like “Blunder” aa mistake pannaraan are common usage these days.

    After a while it gets annoying.

  7. That’s just a ploy!

    The minute you become interested in byeing a 20 lac flat:

    Promoter:” sorry saar…all booked ”
    Customer:” But i cannot able to understand. ”
    Promoter:” when we advertise,all kaas-kaaran come and bye it. ”
    Customer:” Pleej,can you able to find me housing? ”
    Promoter:” Oh-justaminit,i fargaat..we have a 70 lac apartment-flat.You want? ”
    Customer:” ya. “

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