Probablity = 1.0

Well, for those of you who are wondering what this is about, well it’s just that every IPL team I have supported till date, has lost!! A perfect score. Every single time.

Even if it was not against the odds. Teams must be wishing I don’t support them. 🙂

Now, to confirm my theory, I am supporting Delhi daredevils today versus Bangalore Royal Challengers. (Whom I supported against Chennai.) Now, if they lose, you know whom to ask before you place that next bet of yours.  

Check out Delhi Daredevils’ website. It’s pretty decent.

7 thoughts on “Probablity = 1.0

  1. I hate you. You supported a Kannada team vs. our own home team. I hope you die! And roast in hell, you piece of crap. A thousand curses upon you.

    Not really, of course. But you won’t see this till too late

  2. @George,

    Sorry, but expletives of any sort are not allowed on my blog(unless they come from me of course. 😉 )

    If there’s one team I hate in IPL it has to be Chennai. First reason being “I HATE DHONI” and the second being “HAYDEN”, who is no longer there of course. Also, there are not many TN players in the Chennai team anyway. Dinesh Karthik plays for Delhi.

    I am going to support Delhi Daredevils from now on. Sehwag anyday makes a better captain than Dhoni. (Obnoxious lucky twit)

    The tags must be restrictions.


    Yes, Delhi won versus Bangalore and also against Chennai. That too in Chennai!! Yipee…. kay yay “Dhoni”. Eat that!!

  3. @Vinod,

    I will say that my probability is getting closer to 1.0 again. 🙂 I supported Delhi. 😦

    But then CSK have lost 3 matches now. It’s wide open, the IPL.

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