McDonald’s @ Ascendas

Well Shiva has been really enthusiastic about McDonald’s ever since it came to Chennai. He has gone to the extreme of being a fanboy. πŸ™‚ So, ever since he has been pestering me to write on McDonald’s.

Here’s a snap of the McDonald’s at Ascendas.

Mc Doanlds at Ascendas

He tells me it’s really cheap there and the food isn’t all that bad either. (Ok, here’s hoping he never reads this post. When he does, I’ll be served at McDonald’s-Minced.)

20 thoughts on “McDonald’s @ Ascendas

  1. hey, blog hoppin and found yours…
    i like macDonalds alot…
    we have loads in singapore.
    i know its cheap
    bt still very unhealthy.
    take my advice and maybe u wld nt be served. haha
    do drop by my site and leave a comment

  2. @Veni,

    I don’t eat even remotely regularly in McDonald’s. Just the occasional bite. I wouldn’t be worried about the health concerns. Also, the same could be said of all fast food chains.


    Burgers, coke float and fries starting 20 bucks. For 25 bucks you get slightly better stuff. But then don’t expect them to fill you up for the 20 bucks you pay. It’s decent quantity. I’d say it’s cheaper than the ruddy “Saravana Bhavan” chain of hotels where they steal you of your money. Maybe I’ll upload the menu in this same post in a while.

  3. I somehow like the food we get at McDonalds. It’s junk food, yes. But we eat out sometimes to satiate our cravings for comfort food. The prices are not too bad either.

    I’ve been to the McDonalds outlets at Mumbai and to my dismay found that a few items we get there are not available at the Ascendas outlet here.

  4. I’ve been to McDonalds in abroad, but not even once here. You can spend money if it’s an occasional visit and not regular one ( i don’t think so, anybody will be a regular at it πŸ˜€ )

  5. @Srividya,

    Did you know McDonald’s was in controversy for using animal fat even in vegetarian food ? Because it was/is cheaper than vegetable oils. I don’t know if they have cleaned up their act now. (Not that I care really. It’s for those conservative vegetarians. πŸ™‚ )

    It’s junk food. But unlike Americans, we do not survive on it. Just the occasional burger is fine.

    As for the prices, I’d say some of the stuff is dirt cheap. Burgers in outside roadside ‘fast food”s”‘ cost more and taste like …ok, shall we say taste very bad.

    The Ascendas one is definitely not on the same scale as some of the other outlets and the choice of vegetarian food is quite limited too. Maybe in a while it will get better.

    But yes, if I had enough money I’d anyway prefer Subway over McDonalds.

  6. I don’t like McDonald’s, or Subway. Real food any day. And if it’s junk, at least let it be Indian junk. You know why? Because we don’t skimp on the meat as much as these people. Burgers are 60% non-meat, and for the same amount you can buy some full meat deals in loads of places, and it’ll taste better too.

  7. Subway is way better. But we really can’t compare the two. Subway is an option for even the health conscious. You can choose your fillings as well as sauces.I like the veg sub. Most of the others are meat selections.

    The veg sub without the cheese and mayonnaise is perfect for anyone looking out for a tasty yet healthy snack.

    And, yes. I am aware of the controversy they were embroiled in, but one really cannot keep such close tabs to verify the authenticity of the vegetarian food that comes out of their kitchens. McDonalds is a reputed chain and their quality is consistent. That is all that matters.

  8. @George,

    Thanks, but I wouldn’t want 60% meat. πŸ™‚ Show me a place where I can buy full meat deals for 20-25 rupees. πŸ˜€ (Let’s hope it’s not dog meat. Is that a delicacy anywhere ? )


    Salad in Subway sucks though. 😦 I simply hate it.

  9. Karthik, near the Besant Nagar bus terminus, behind the little shanties, there’s a place where you could get chilli beef for that much. I haven’t been there in a while though.

    Then again, it may have been dog meat.

  10. George is the guy who drinks lime juice at a filthy stall near his college and falls ill every week. He is also the guy who once ordered just the patty of the burger at a restaurant. Another time, he ordered a burger, took it apart, ate the patty and left everything else on the plate. I was sitting across from him for the last one.

    In Subway, they don’t seem to understand that the ingredients of the salad have to be mixed and not just neatly layered on top of each other. Idiots. But it’s really expensive.

  11. Ha ha, just the patty of the burger ? ROFL. Big meat eater eh ?

    George, you clearly should not have burgers. Also, you are saying it may have been dog eat dog ? πŸ˜‰

  12. Why you… @#$%@#@%!

    Anyway, yes, I confess. Marc is correct in stating what he did. Your college canteen is not a patch on Durga fast foods, trust me. No way.

    Subway has free wi-fi supposedly.

  13. @George,

    Chillax dude. twas a joke. πŸ™‚

    Ascendas Subway does ? Their new tagline sholud be “download a movie over a sub” πŸ™‚ Das Boot maybe πŸ˜› I am getting my bite.

  14. @George,

    I guess there are only three Subway outlets in Chennai. One in Besant Nagar (Not so good), one in Ascendas (haven’t tried yet.) and one in City Centre. (Pretty good.) Anymore ?

  15. hey people,
    i am just interested to know about all the menus tats been served in McD in chennai or anywhere in India. The reason might be i am working for McD as well, but in New Zealand where we have the only option is NON-VEG…so atleast the menu in chennai which shd have veg makes me happy and also their prices are cheaper when compared to other outlets across thw world is wat i heard..
    also interested in knowing abt various combos present there….the subway here is also a waste of time and money as it always considered to be by everyone just for the plain fact they take more time….and the taste is also yuck…enjoy chennai lo

  16. @Ramkumar,

    Nice to know you are in NZ. I did get the menus and photographed them. But I don’t think I can upload them for now.

    But yes, the menu is pretty decent and the prices are also pretty decent. Oh, and we definitely get Vegitarian here. πŸ˜€

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