How We Get Our Accreditation

The scene: Engineering colleges across Tamil Nadu under Anna University.

How We Get Our Accredition


For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More


10 thoughts on “How We Get Our Accreditation

  1. @Rachel,

    Money + Forgery


    That’s supposed to be some register showing our seniors used some internet lab facility or something.

    I personally signed for Shivakesavan, Madhusudan and Sricharan. 🙂 All my seniors who are no longer in college.

    The register itself was made on the day indicated in the picture. I used my phone to take a couple of snaps. The other snap where the page is empty should have also been in the post. 🙂

  2. Nah, I wouldn’t worry. Not like anyone reads my blog. Even if they did, not like NABARD will take any action. They take money anyway. And no one else is bothered enough to clean up the muck. The probability of this shit getting dangerous is pretty low and I’ll be outta college soon anyway. 😉

  3. As Marc says, the signatures belong to three of my seniors who I know personally, who also read my blog from time to time. Two of them are my quiz team mates. I am sure they won’t mind. I was not required to sign at all. The lab assistant was doing a good job of it. I just took it from him to take a couple of snaps. To make it look all normal, I offered to do a few signs myself.

    Also, the intended reaction to the post was, “OMG, engineering colleges do that ? ” They stoop this low to show that a facility was used by a batch that has gone out. The facility by itself is/was non-existent.

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