I Choose Therefore I Crap


The About page is normally supposed to explain the existence of the blog. However, I thought I’d dedicate another post to it.

I don’t know why people blog and honestly, I don’t care. It could be to stay connected, to feel good about oneself, to contribute some information or maybe even earn a bit through paid reviews and thing like that. There are also people (even if few in number) who want to give vent to their artistic side. Believe me, I’ve read a few blogs, that has left me spell bound. The creativity of these people (even if few in number) is truly phenomenal. However, posts are few.

Different people have different reasons to blog. Sure enough, they have the time and they have a reason to blog. I  am not going to be ill mannered by going and asking people why they blog. This post is to ward off other ill mannered people from asking me the same.

Why Crap ?

For me, blogging is an outlet where I discuss the silliest of things. Crap, if you like to call it that. If you have observed, I never discuss important things or things that actually matter to me. This is for two reasons, first being the fact that I like to keep my writing lighthearted and second being the fact that I don’t really care what other people think and think I think about issues I actually care about. (Read that again, if you didn’t get it) Last thing I want is people making judgements and telling me that I should see things from their perspective. Why on earth would I want do that ? I loathe people who do that.


Matter Matters ?

I know lots of people think blogs should have a purpose and a motive behind them and maybe people who think that are right afterall. However, I blog when I have completed the important things that need my attention. 🙂 It’s just that I never blog about them. This is a place where I write to give myself a break from other work. I do write about things that matter to me. But not here. 🙂


Oh, damn, that sounded a little serious. Got to get back to writing silly stuff.


20 thoughts on “I Choose Therefore I Crap

  1. I write blog to give myself a break from other work. What’s the other work? Definetly not studies. Karthik, whether you write a crap or good one, make sure you think before you write 😉

  2. @Rachel,

    Just the other mundane things in life. 😉 And why would I think before I write ? Why ? Why ? Why should I think ? Why should I use my grey matter. No, I don’t want to do that. Ok, that’s enough 🙂

  3. Last thing I want is people making judgements and telling me that I should see things from their perspective. Why on earth would I want do that ? I loathe people who do that.

    Whats this da? As a human being you should make yourselves to see the things from others point of view. Otherwise there is no use of living this life… What da???

  4. @Selerines

    Just becoz we’re humans, that doesn’t mean we’ve to always see things from others point of view. We are humans and not herd.

  5. @Selerines,

    That’s the definition for a human being ? Ok, then I am no human. 😀 It’s not always necessary to see things from other point of view. You have a set of ideals and base your life on that. How would you like to be told that those set of ideals is wrong. Sometimes, you should not care what other people think. It’s important to being succesful. 😉


    Thanks for siding with me on the issue. 🙂

  6. @Rachel : Without seeing the things from others point of view, it is not possible to feel others pain yaar…. Even you too ha rachel. Hmm fine yaar….

    @Kartik : Thats not the definition for a human being and at the same time it is not always neccessary to see things from others point of view. What am telling is according to the circumstances we should try to see the things from others point of view!!! Otherwise no use of living here…..

  7. I use text smilies all the time. I hate when they get changed into images.

    You think therefore you crap? Cogito ergo faecum? ; ) Really, that must be hard, unless you think very little.

    I blog just because. It’s like I have stuff to say to myself, and I don’t mind other people reading it. See, this is an example. You didn’t ask why I blog, but I told you anyway.

  8. @Selerines,

    Thanks, but no thanks.


    It’s “Cogito ergo Alogia” 😀 No Faecum. And it’s not about thinking little. It’s about thinking at the appropriate moment . Channelise your thinking. Focus.(Not Faeces) 🙂

  9. @Selerines, just read this ” doesn’t mean we’ve to always “. It means that we don’t always go against the others views, but do respect them at times we need to. I hope Karthik too meant the same, but am not very sure about it 😉

  10. Actually, respecting other people’s views is for wusses. The real way to live is to pummel their opinions into the ground, crushing any semblance of individuality and opposition to your thoughts. Then you follow that up by ravishing their women, and driving their wailing children before the thundering hooves of your cavalry. Let there be much gnashing of teeth.

  11. @Rachel,

    I don’t know what I meant. 🙂 Ok, actually what I meant was, I don’t care what people think about issues that I actually care about. Which is why I never discuss them. There is no need of a discussion. It’s wrong to start a discussion and then say, “Hey, you are wrong and I am right.” That’s bullshit. If you are not ready to accept other peoples’ inputs, don’t discuss. 🙂


    True. Not so sure about the “ravishing their women” and the part that follows that though. You suddenly transfigurated from the normal world to an imaginary world where there is warfare and much injustice. 🙂 (WoW ? )

    And the only gnashing of teeth will be from cattle, don’t worry. 😉

  12. Or a world of the Old Testament. You’re not so sure about “ravishing of women”? What kind of a man isn’t sure about that? You just don’t want to share, yes?

    Ha ha, alas, I am undone. Gnashing of teeth – cattle. Ha ha.

  13. No doubt. You’ll get along beautifully with feminists.

    Also, I just realised, you said I went to a world with “warfare and much injustice”. Well yeah, you got that part right. Been here 20 years, in fact. And loving it.

  14. @George,

    I don’t plan to. And I don’t get along with anybody. 🙂

    The world where you have seen war and injustice on television, the Internet and probably newspapers and radio. Where you have read accounts of war. It’s not as if you’ve been in one. As for the injustice, I thought you had a way /ways to deal with it. 🙂

  15. Yeah, that’s where the loving it comes in. It’s a world with all that in it, but none of it involves me. It’s like I’m walking god’s own highway.

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