Chennai Centric-01-Adyar Depot Traffic Signal ?!?

Have been wanting to post this for a while now, but at first I did not have a camera phone and then I did not go out for a while.

I am sure a lot many of you who live in an around Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur and Besant Nagar would have noticed this by now.

Adyar Depot Traffic Signal

(photo shot on my phone cam.)

On the way to Thiruvanmiyur from Adyar, the traffic signal that is supposed to point straight, points left instead. So if you want to go to Thiruvanmiyur, you will have to go to Besant Nagar and then come round about. 😀 This is how wonderful India is. I was there the first day this was repaired (it used to be alright earlier) and we motorists were still waiting for the forward signal to switch ON. To our agony, it never did. Then a traffic policeman comes and asks us to go explaining how someone screwed it up when repairing it. Ah, how beautiful.

When will these incompetent idiots learn ?


3 thoughts on “Chennai Centric-01-Adyar Depot Traffic Signal ?!?

  1. Hardly a pressing issue, as long as the damn thing lights up. Not like anyone follows the arrow of the signal anyway. They just rush forward whenever they see a green light.

  2. @Vinod,

    Ya, on an average I am sure thousands see it everyday. 🙂


    Ofcourse not. We have law abiding citizens. When they are willing to follow the rules, then the Govt has a responsibility to make sure everything woks fine. Idiots.

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