Sony Ericsson PC Suite

Ok, I know I said Sony Ericsson PC Suite doesn’t allow you to send messages, receive messages ..etc from your computer in my earlier post. However, looks like I was wrong.

No, it’s not like I did not check the features before going on my blog and criticizing Sony people. I am not a trigger happy kind of person. 😉 It’s just that the version that shipped with my phone didn’t have any useful features. (Sony guys, make a note of that.) 

Now, I installed Vista today and hence had to reinstall all the software. So, I decided to pop my Sony CD in and install the PC suite. To my astonishment, the PC suite that shipped with me phone was compatible only with Xp or below. What dumbasses ? For a phone that was released I think in 2007, I don’t see why they did not include a Vista specific software. Really sad.

So, I went online to search for a Vista compatible PC suite, even if it was a third party software. I however wanted to give Sony guys a shot and check out what was available on their website. This is what I found,

English Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3.204.00

And this is the PC suite that shipped with my phone,

PC Suite 2.0.60 (for Windows 2000)

So, I decided to download the new PC suite and it installed fine. However, I am still having some trouble setting my phone up. This is what I get to see when I connect it, almost indefinitely.

Sony Ericsson PC Suite

WTF ? How long does it take to install the drivers ?


20 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson PC Suite

  1. First question is why you want to use Vista?
    Next is can’t you able to connect your phone with computer as Mass storage device for which you don’t need any PC suite(This is only to transfer any mp3 or images i.e use your phone memory as pen drive)

  2. @Hari,

    First answer is, I want to use Vista for reasons I don’t have to make a list of and publish before I can go ahead with it.
    Next is, I can able to connect my phone as Mass storage device, but that’s not why I need the PC suite.

  3. First answer is, I want to use Vista for reasons I don’t have to make a list of and publish before I can go ahead with it.

    When you say something like that it means you’ve got nothing.

  4. @Marc,

    When I can tolerate people like you, 😛 no reason why I can’t tolerate Vista. Yet to check games out. (I don’t use the computer for that primarily.)

    Also note that I have another PC running XP.

  5. it’s his choice whether he wants to run vista on his computer. do you have a reason to everything you do?

  6. Hey Karthik, i’m having the same problem with pc suite 3.207 except I have windows xp with sp3. Did u find a solution yet because I’m at a loss here. I tried disabling all my firewalls and virus etc software, and I read u can uninstall and install the suite again, but it won’t even uninstall now! lol

  7. Hey, actually I typed too soon…I followed my own advice and turning off my firewall and anything related and that did the trick, so try that on should work. Peace.

  8. @Sunny,

    I don’t think it must have had anything to do with firewall and antivirus. I could be wrong of course.

    Uninstallation is typically a problem when the installation hasn’t completed. You should try repairing the program under such circumstances.

    I haven’t tried it on XP yet, but on Vista a restart solved the issue for me.

  9. i have the same problem with the phone detection; its takin very long and i dont know if i should cancel it or not

  10. SE PC Suite simply sucks…as do all Sony progs I have had the misfortune of installing on my PC. I got the update (to the version you mentioned) and I can no longer back my phone up because all I get are the menus. If I mouse around the window I can see it trying to let me in, but I get nuthin!

    SE, get your act together. Your phones suck as does your software! My k850i has been in for repairs three four times in six months.

  11. Ok dude, I don’t know if you’re able to install pc suite or not. I don’t really read people’s comments because most of them just talk and not answer your problem.
    Here’s how I install the pc suite:
    1. I plug in my phone to the notebook (Do not install the pc suite at this point). Vista will automatically install the drivers. you can click on the right bottom balloon to see the progress.
    2. After Vista finished install the drivers, It will tell you that phone is ready to use.
    3. Then Download the PC suite from phone support area.
    4. Install the PC suite. At one point, PC suite will tell you not to connect the phone to computer, simply unplug the phone.
    5. Follow the instruction, until It tells you to plug in the phone again, then PC suite will install the driver again. It won’t take really long (I think less than 1 minute)

    At 1st attempt of installation, I didn’t install the drivers first by plug in the phone before PC suite installation. This cause when I install the pc suite, It says installing drivers in the middle of process, but that installing drivers never ends (like hang). I must log off to stop the installation.

    So, the point is install the drivers first by plug in the phone to computer before you install the PC suite.

    Good luck, hope it’ll help you

  12. maybe you’ve downloaded the pc suite that’s not yet suited to your phone model. i’m not really sure about what i’m saying but when i try to download pc suite from the site, it asks me my phone model. after selecting g900, the pc suite version available for me to download is 1.5.26 only.

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