Google Chat Emoticons

I don’t use Gtalk. I use the one that’s integrated with my mail instead. I use Skype to make calls anyway and use Yahoo Messenger for my Instant Messagingneeds. So there’s no point in installing yet another software. The Gmail, Gtalk integration is pretty cool, even if it can be annoying at times. 😀

I was pleasantly surprised to see two new sets of emoticons or smileys on the integrated Gtalk today. For people who use smileys quite a bit, like me for instance, this is a welcome change.

This is how they look:


6 thoughts on “Google Chat Emoticons

  1. @Hari,

    You should see it on your mail. If you have Gtalk installed, you should check if a newer version is available.


    Lots of people use pidgin and it’s good. You can fake idle status and it comes in handy.

  2. @Rachel,

    Yes, the two should be sufficient. However, Pidgin lets you use more than on messenger from the same interface. You should also try when you do not have messenger installed. (say, like in college)

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