Ok, Firstly, thanks to my friend Renju for letting me know of this. Only this morning, I was telling someone that Demonoid used to be a haven for great torrents, but sadly was no more. How idiotic of me!! Little did I know it was back online. đŸ™‚


Go out there, get the music, the movies and the games you want. Don’t blame me for not having told you about Copyright violations though. đŸ˜‰

Demonoid’s State of Suspension:

After Demonoid went offline, finding quality torrents was always an issue, with the Internetflooded with spam. Thankfully, IsoHunt listened in to the wishes of people and allowed commenting on torrents. This way, bad, malicious and spam torrents could be avoided.

Read my earlier post here:

Demise of Demonoid ?

People who know about torrents, will be jumping with joy at this news. Yes, torrents on Demonoid are still old and need to be updated. Chances are you won’t find the latest torrents just yet. But knowing the Demonoid community, things will be back in no time. So keep your fingers crossed and just be patient. Also, when things are back, SEED. Till you reach a rario of 2.0 atleast. Don’t be selfish.

For people who do not know to use torrents, read this

A Guide to Using Torrents

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