50,000 Hits and Counting

50k Hits

And I thought I was jobless. 🙂

A While ago,

Twenty Thousand Hits and Counting

Ten Thousand Hits…and counting

One Thousand Hits

Now, I know it sounds lame and all, but I am thrilled. Thanks everyone for reading. Keep reading…

Keep Reading


8 thoughts on “50,000 Hits and Counting

  1. @Vivek & Gowtham,

    Thanks 🙂


    It’s not great at all. Just that I am jobless. And don’t worry, you will get more hits than you can imagine pretty soon.



  2. I think half of the hits are from AU related stuff. Hehehe. I am also putting things related to AU to increase traffic 😀 I think mine will increase soon. With question banks of computer science subjects in my site already the hits are sure to increase soon. I will be uploading other department question banks too soon 😛

  3. @Vinod,

    Not half really. But yes, some traffic can be attributed to that. Well, I did not put them up to increase traffic or anything of that sort in the first place. That’s pretty lame especially for someone who doesn’t want to advertise on his blog. It’s insane even. All the best with your uploads. 🙂

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