Really Awful…

Not knowing what to do, now that my project is done, (Well, almost. Still a few finishing touches and fine tuning remaining.) I set out to try something.

I thought I’d record myself singing a couple of songs I thought I could sing well. The result: Awful!! Really Really Awful. I don’t know what the issue is. I mean I know I am not a good singer (no, wait I am not even a bad singer) and I can’t render high pitches at all. I know my limitations. (Yea, I can’t sing.) But I thought, it sounded decent when I was singing it. However on playback, it just sounded like someone I really hate braying. Pathetic. I better give this a rest. Or, wait, could it be the substandard microphone?

People, who are considering suicide, can write in to me. I’ll send you a CD with my songs in it. It’ll be real quick (can’t assure painless) 😛

3 thoughts on “Really Awful…

  1. Why don’t you make video and upload it in youtube and put it over here.
    Karthik will then have few more fans. This time not because of his brain and cuz of voice 🙂

  2. @Hari,

    Yea sure. That way, I can make an arse of myself. 😉 I didn’t know I had fans owing to my brain. (so-called) and I am sure I won’t win over anyone withy my voice either. 🙂

    You will hear it when I think it sounds alright. 😉 Don’t worry.

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