Project Report Done Sans Acknowledgement

Finally did my project report somehow and got it signed too. I didn’t include the acknowledgement. Can’t claim to have set a trend 🙂 Just following the trend set by someone already there. It was questioned yes. I was asked why I did not include the acknowledgements. And later asked why I did not acknowledge even my parents or even God and what about the people that really helped me ? I usually reply with just a smile when I know anything I say will be used against me. 🙂 So, then I was told how proud I was of myself. (???) Hell, yea. I am. I got away with it, didn’t I ?

But, thinking about it, I did want to acknowledge a few people and maybe I will stick a page inside now that I have gotten it signed. The only reason I didn’t include it in the first place was I did’nt want to be asked why I acknowledged certain people and did not acknowledge my guide and all that crap. Here are the people who helped me out:

Pradeep Kanthan (IV Mechanical) , C Karthik (IV Mechanical) for their immense help and patience with the mechanical model of my project. They made me a mechanical model for my requirements for which I was prepared to pay upto Rs.10,000 for almost one tenth of that price. Also, thanks to Karthik for helping me out with my CAD model. Thanks guys.

Shivakeshavan (My senior in college and currently working in IITM) for his patience in listening my problems out even when he was clearly bugged with it. 🙂 He might not have spoon fed me or helped directly with anything in my project, but I am really thankful that he didn’t. You learn things only when you try and find solutions to the problems.

My brother, for his help with the electronics in my project.

Vibushan (IV CSE Amrita) and Vivek(IV CSE Amrita) for throwing light on databases and all that. Well, I did’nt end up doing what I wanted, but as Vibu puts it, “why are you (EEE guy) even working on/with databases ?” 🙂 (Dawgs, thank your stars. Psst, I am not telling anyone how you let me down. 😉 )

Abhi, for help with the printouts.

And last but not the least, everyone else who hasn’t bothered asking me what I am doing and then chipping in with what they think about it. Thanks a lot, but I really didn’t want the spotlight, nor your opinion. 😉 


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