College Day

Went for the college day.

  • Went late as I had some work on the project front
  • Vehicle was not allowed inside the college. WTF ?
  • Someone went on droning for a while
  • Got my certificates
  • Left in half an hour and came back home.

God knows what happened there with the culturals and all that. Not that anybody cares. 


14 thoughts on “College Day

  1. Culturals?? I thought only the crap thing of people talking was there. Anyway am not that Studious gal like Champ to get certificates and all, moreover my travel would have been annoying ( the one thing that piss me off )

  2. college day huh… :))…well u cant call tis as college day first of all…
    1. they only provide u with certificates…which does not make any sense if ur not applyin for further studies…most of the other coll,they reward the students wit the cash award along wit the certificates..which infact motivate the students to work hard.
    2.Not allowing the vehicle inside even on the so called college day.. 🙂 well after tat any one can say the abt the standard of AIHT…i cant understand wat point they are tryin to prove….they want to prove tat they are strict or something else..????
    3.Not awarding for the candidate who came third…i know its not a issue to discuss..but they did when v were there in the 2nd years…atleast they should follow this..i missed out gettin two “VALUABLE” certificate of AIHT tis year..he he he he..
    4.Coming to cultural activity where they give 5-7 mins to each dept…now how can the students who are intrested in each dept to show their skill…for suppose take ECE itself…i think their strength is something around 450…450 students and 5-7 mins of time…

    Infact i should say no body should go when they keep such a dum event…i didnt go tis time and i think i did pretty good job not goin i guess…

  3. @Rachel,

    Culturals was announced pretty late and no one really knew about it.


    🙂 My certificate folder still has a few empty sheets.


    Actually, it wasn’t that bad till I stayed. The auditorium was much better than the mech block room. But can you believe it ? The AC’s weren’t switched on. But I think the very fact that it was in the audi somehow made it look better. It wasn’t cramped and claustrophobic atleast.


    We spoke at length about the things you have mentioned. I wanted to include those things as well, but then, didn’t have much time with project review coming up and all. (Phew)

    It is sad that they are no longer awarding 3rd places. The certificate would have made a difference to a lot of people. I somehow, never expected cash prizes 🙂
    About the vehicle, even the watchman didn’t get it. Our seniors vehicles were allowed though.
    As far as the culturals go, I don’t think they should be held on one day. They should be spread though the year as regular events.
    Were you there ? 🙂

  4. College day ya??????????? Oh i see…………. For wtf they are conducting these things in our college???? Hmmm!!!!!!!

    Culturals – 10 minutes??????? Whats the use da Champ??? Hmmm………… Just for name sake they are conducting these things ha? See we people are paying about more than 10,000/= approximately p.a in the name of culturals and so on… For that what we are really getting in turn for us? Hmmm………….. Cha…..

  5. @Vivek,

    I don’t know man. I mean if you avoided it as a sign of protest, that’s different. If however you claim that you didn’t care, then you shouldn’t have cared to find out about it and correct abhi. 😉


    Ya. College day. Well, I don’t know why they are conducting it, but I am sure you attended it the year you won your certificates. 🙂 I am anyway not bothered about culturals. In the name of culturals we will have people dancing to songs that will make me puke anyway. It’s not as if the students were going to do anything good.

    As, far as the fees goes, I know and we all feel the same way, but forget it. It’s all over, done with. We are out of here. Don’t still crib. Forget it man. Look forward to the things to come.

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