My B.E Final Year Project acknowledgements. 


I do not wish to thank the <funny title> Chairman, the <funnier title> Chairwoman , the <Not so funny any longer title> Secretary, the <Degree that has no relevance to the post> Director, the <totally irrelevant> Producer for not being involved in any remote possible way with my project, for also not contributing so much as an iota to the project. (If I may add, they were no more supports to me than my behind. Actually, thinking about it, my behind is hell a lot more support. 😉 )

I do not with to thank my HOD, because I don’t think I have seen him/her more than twice this semester. I could thank the bus driver more. At-least he ensures I travel to college and get back home safely and I see him everyday.

I however thank my Project guide for at-least not being a hindrance and a constant source of annoyance and irritation. Thanks a lot sir/madam. Even if you did not contribute much, at-least you did not try and impose the thoughts conceived in your sesame sized brain, on me.

I want to thank Lord Almighty because of the fear that things might not work as inhtended on the final day, otherwise. (I am God fearing. OK, this is not sarcasm either. Just being matter of fact.)  


Moral of the post:

Don’t thank someone just because you think sucking up to them on this one tiny page will make a tremendous difference to your results or your project marks. Losers!!


22 thoughts on “!= ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

  1. @Rachel,

    Thanks. 🙂


    Thanks, (Not all that great a post though. Gowtham is being nice as always.)

    Wanted to use the word “bottoms” 🙂 instead of “behind”, but decided against it 😉


    I wish I could sneak it into my actual report. But it will cost me a lot more than it cost me to make my project. 😀 So I don’t think I will. But sure as hell, I am not having an acknowledgements page where I will acknowledge random people just because they hold some irrelevant post in the college.

  2. Haha, Nice one da.
    Sadly, these things are customary. It might not increase your marks but it will raise a question if absent or indifferent( Just like the truth you have said). In my college they ask us to attach a company profile too, where in company is any ape shit project center in which you do, err.. you buy your project. WTF is with that ? Luckily, I don’t have to attach any such crap.

    By the way, Brilliant blog dude.

  3. Nice one! Even I was thinking why the heck do we need to Acknowledge ppl whom you haven’t even met! But after all, its Anna University Norms! Aargh!

  4. good one karthik…even i was not interested in keepin tis acknowledgment shit..but then my HOD insisted me to keep it…i cant betray my HOD, as u know tat he s the one who s savin me from 3rd sem…don wanna take a chance in the last sem….but seriously thankin chairman, Principal and secretary doesnt make any sense….wat they are doin in our proj, v jus cant put any names in our proj..!!!

  5. @Vinod,

    I doubt if anyone could have used it. But that’s where blogs come in. They let you write what you want. 🙂


    Quite right. It did give rise to questions today. (owing to it’s absense) Something I managed to get out of without trouble.

    and thanks.


    Correct. We shouldn’t. And is it AU norms ? It wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the ‘ug_format.doc’ file. 😀


    It was a j/k. 🙂 Damn, now I can’t claim to have set he trend. Atleast I set the trend with the code submission part. 😛


    Yea, it’s sad how people want us to follow dumb rules. I don’t think other people should follow my way of things either. Afterall, I might still lose marks for my ‘offensive’ and ‘rude’ act. 🙂

  6. @Praveen,

    I agree. Let’s forget it. If at all it was there, I just lost some 3 marks for not including the acknowledgemens. 🙂 I can live with that.

  7. Hi! Dear,

    Whatever u wrote is actually true.As a matter of fact this is the case with most of us and it is simply ironical that we mention the names of people who actuallyb contribute nothing more than a penny.

    Great step

  8. nice one. But this will not be true in everybody’s case.
    Ofcourse my guide did not help me.
    But I don;t find fault with the rest of the people.

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