Done with Project Report

I finally finished the project report. Well, almost…. 🙂 There is still one chapter left, but then there is not much I can do about that particular chapter. So my work for the documentation is done. It comes to some 50 sides with absolutely no details whatsoever. I actually wanted to add details. Believe me, I did. 🙂 But then I don’t want to use my brain at 1:30 in the morning. (Even if I try to get it to do some thinking,  it says “Access Denied. Try Later.” No, it does not say “Bad Cookie”)

But, hey as one of my friends says “It’s a Project Report, not a Manual”. Exactly!! It’s not meant to be so detailed that our college can start it’s own project centre and use our project reports to “guide” future batches. Or, in other words, copy it word for word. I am sure that people will at-least make use of the modules if you give them details of your work.

I might redo some chapters later on,if they give me some more time. But then got to keep the number of pages in check. I have to hand in 4 copies of reports. (God knows for what!! So that, they can make Library access slips maybe.) And bear the bloody entire cost myself too.  😦 

Anyway, now to go complete the Project itself…. (What a system!!) 😀


5 thoughts on “Done with Project Report

  1. I wanted to write the documentation well too but when I heard that the HOD suggested that it be 80 pages long I gave up on it. They prefer quantity over quality so why waste my time?

  2. @Marc,

    That’s the sadest thing ever. Now ECE HOD is getting stiff competition from your HOD. Hard to say who is more retarded.

    The best reports are most often the most concise. (Damn, why did mine have to go on for pages ? )

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