Damn you Murphy!!

Damn You Murphy!! Why do you have to be right always ? What am I talking about ? Err, nothing great really. I was doing my documentation yesterday and all of a sudden, my keyboard wanted to have some fun. So, it ran out of battery while I was typing!! I had a spare set of batteries somewhere. But that’s the point, it’s still somewhere, dunno where. I do have another PC on which I could have typed, but then Murphy makes sure all exit routes are closed, all avenues blocked. Only two days back my brother decided to remove my router which bridges my two PC’s for some reason. Even if it was connected, my other keyboard is so bad, I’d have broken my wrist.


So after contemplating on what to do for a while, I decided to…sleep ? no!! Like an idiot I thought I’d complete the PCB. And that ended in failure too. Mostly because I was groggy and I was soldering the wires in the wrong places, . 😦  Had to abandon that as well after sometime.

Finally when I went to sleep, the time was around 04:00 and that’s why I skipped model exam today and am sitting home typing this post. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Damn you Murphy!!

  1. @Marc,

    Why is it weird ?


    I do that all the time. 🙂 I often oversleep and get up to find the exam is going on in college. And I don’t lie to the faculty either. I tell them I slept. 🙂 They were amused that I didn’t claim I had fever.

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