Bleddy Project Report

Well for someone who writes I don’t know how many posts on an average per day, I am finding it incredibly hard to do my project report. Well, part of the reason is the fact that I am yet to complete a few modules. (Damn me for being lazy.) Why haven’t I completed it still ? I am just a lazy bugger that’s all.


So now, I am forced to sit and do it chapter by chapter. Worst thing though and something I really hate, the modules I am working on right now is forcing me to modify the modules that I had already completed and hence redo the documentation too. Friggin bad!! Now I am doing them twice instead of once.

I know no one really reads your project report and juniors benefiting from my report is the last thing on my mind. (Which is why you won’t find any of the implementation details in it.) However, I do set standards for myself and I’d hate to hand in a crappy report with stuff copy pasted from Wikipedia. (Jeez, stop that for heavens sakes!!)

My circuits are incredibly hard to draw on paint and the simulation tolls I have don’t have all of my IC’s. I finally found one which had my IC’s (or rather let me customize the IC’s). Sadly it drew a circuit that I felt like puking on. (Thank God, my monitor is vertical. Else, I might have.)

And to be honest, using Word is crappy. Especially if you have to draw Flowcharts and stuff. Hear that Microsoft ? (Of-course not. But if you do, do something about it.) And equations can be a nightmare. (I heard the office 2007 has something for flowcharts and stuff. Visio ? Not checked it out yet.) Well, I know we can insert symbols, but it’ s so bloody frustrating. The worst of all, naming all my figures and tables. God ,save me…..

 OK, I better get back to it now.


9 thoughts on “Bleddy Project Report

  1. My dept is acting worse than ever, they ask us to get the printout & after seeing would say “see you have done this wrong, so correct it and bring new copy”. Sadly, some of my friends took second copy again they found fault with it, so 2nd copy is also a waste.

    How about your dept?

  2. @Rachel,

    Yea, I heard that your HOD is trying to be rowdy and all. 🙂

    We are supposed to submit our report day after, failing which, I dunno really…..


    No, I just don’t want to be embarassed when people find out it’s just well packaged crap. 😉


    Welcome to my blog. Use of the A word on my blog is considered offensive. Never use it!! Ever!!

    As for the documentation, when I look back after a few years, I want to know that I did a decent job atleast.

  3. Delete the other comments.

    MS Word and most other word processing software have all the drawing tools you need. The flowchart shapes are under autoshapes in the Drawing toolbar. And MS Paint is too primitive for real work. Try Paint.NET, it’s pretty good and small.

  4. @Marc,

    Weird but true. 🙂

    Dude, I know to use the drawing tools, on Word,Power Point…etc. No matter how stoned I am, I am not brain dead, you know. Don’t worry. If you want you can write guest columns on how to use them on my blog. 😛

    As for the circuits, I have loads of good programs/sw available. Just plain lazy.

  5. Ya… For the same reason that u said am doing the project of my own combined with Bill Gates of CSE… Our personal satisfaction is so much important than any thing…

  6. @Sivakumar,

    Well, that’s great. I was told “everyone” in CSE was forced to do their projects in project centres. Well, more than personal satisfaction, it’s how much you get to learm. Can you believe it ? I was banging my head over a circuit i designed that wasn’t working. Bloody two manufacturers have different pin configurations for the same IC number. Bloody crazy!! (Still, you learn)

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